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The Elevator: 'WildSeed'

By Rob M. Worley     March 24, 2008

On one side: producers, directors and other Hollywood players looking for the next big thing.

On the other side are the comic book artists and writers creating the next big thing.

In between is...The Comics2Film Elevator.

Five simple questions. Five quick answers. Just enough to start the ball rolling as you ride from ground to roof.

Today, Ron King rides The Elevator to pitch his comic 'WildSeed'...

ELEVATOR (E):  Describe ‘WildSeed’ in two sentences or less.

Ron King (RK): Five high school interns are succumbed to an unknown virus, which awakens the dormant giant within the brain and leaves them with extraordinary psi-abilities. While the young victims are scrambling for answers, they are up against a terrified US government trying to protect its amoral involvement and capture the kids in the name of national security.

E: If you were to compare 'WildSeed' to a movie or TV show what would it be?

RK: WildSeed is Gen13 meets P. Diddy’s Da Band with a twist of X-Files.

E : Why do you think 'WildSeed' would translate to film/TV/animation?

RK: There weren't too many young superhero-oriented projects out there that the hip hop/MTV generation can identified with. I mean in terms of ethnicity, fashion and language that reflects America's urban youth culture. This is the first time you will have a group of mostly young urban superheroes. By reaching this untapped market, it can translate to merchandising.

E: How can folks find your comic?

RK: You can order WildSeed by contacting Ron King at:

E: How can folks learn more about you and your work?

RK: Check out:

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