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Ellis penning 'G.I.Joe Resolute' web toon

    July 01, 2008
Source: toynewsi.com

Toy News International reveals that a new animated 'G.I. Joe' cartoon will be making its debut on the web in the run-up to the movie. The show will be called 'G.I. Joe: Resolute' and will be written by Warren Ellis.

Here's an excerpt from a recent panel at a G.I. Joe convention:

The panel starts off with Hasbro showing off a 1 minute preview of a new animated G.I.Joe cartoon that will debut next year as web-episodes on Hasbro's G.I.Joe website. These will be about 5 minute episodes and is geared more towards adults then kids. The preview they showed is of Snake-Eyes saving Duke and Roadblock from a Cobra ambush in the jungle. Snake-Eyes is shown actually killing Cobra Soldiers, though the actual killing is off-screen you know those soldiers are dead

- The cartoon is titled "G.I.Joe Resolute" and is produced by Sam Register, Written by Warren Ellis, Directed by Joaqui, Dos Santos and lead animation is by David Johnson.

Click through for lots more details about the show and the rest of the panel...


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