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"Elseworlds Series 3"

By Mathew McKee     April 03, 2007

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Here it is, the review you’ve been waiting for; Elseworlds Series 3.  The Elseworlds is an excellent series of figures that depicts the characters from some of the more popular Elseworlds stories including Red Sun, Kingdom Come, Gotham by Gaslight, and Thrillkiller.  The latest series does not let you down.  It continues with a Green Lantern figure from Red Son, the next two figures from Kingdom Come, and two figures from a new title, Elseworld’s Finest. 

The Red Son Green Lantern is a figure that I have been waiting for since DC Direct first started the Elseworlds series with Red Son Super Man and Red Son Wonder Woman.  I was not disappointed.  This figure is great, in fact it is my favorite figure in the series.  It depicts Hal Jordan in his Green Lantern Corps. flight suit, including clear plastic flight goggles and an intricately sculpted flight jacket.  Also, with 12 pints of articulation, including wrists it is the most articulated figure in series 3.  And of course, it comes with a green lantern.

The two Kingdom Come figures are Auquaman and Nightstar.  The quality of these two figures is like night and day.  The Aquaman figure is very nice.  The sculpting is fantastic especially the head and hair.  The painting is excellent, especially the eyes; this figure has some of the best painted eyes I’ve seen in a while.  Aquaman comes with a sword and a spear.  The Nightstar figure, unfortunately, is quite awful.  The sculpting is sloppy, as evidenced by the huge seems on the font of her legs.  The sculpting of the upper arm and shoulders is really weird because the shoulders are about the same size as the wrists of the figure, if not smaller.  The result is this weird tapering effect as you go up the arm.  With only 5 articulations Nightstar is by far the worst figure in the set and is actually bad enough to bring the grade of the series from an A down to a B.

The Elseworld’s Finest figures consist of Batgirl and Supergirl and are both very nice figures.  The Batgirl figure has a well sculpted body, especially the stomach.  They managed to make her look very strong and athletic without making her look manly and unattractive, like they tend to do with Power Girl sculpts.  The paint job is very nice as well.  One of the coolest parts is that she comes with a giant gun, as well as some bat armor.  The Supergirl figure is also very nice.  The sculpt is superb.  Her hair looks almost real and they were able to make her look strong, yet still feminine just like they did with the Bat girl figure.  The paint job is really nice and reminds me of the painting in the Alex Ross Justice series of figures.  Supergirl is another figure in this series with amazing eyes.  The quality of her eyes is only challenged by the aforementioned Aquaman figure.

Overall this is a very excellent series.  I like both the figures and the characters.  The only downside to this series is the Nightstar figure which I found very disappointing.  This figure has prompted me to give two grades for this series.  The first grade is an A, and is for all of the figures in Elseworlds Series 3 except Nightstar.  The second grade is a B and it includes all five figures in the series. My recommendation: buy them all if you are a collector, otherwise you can probably go without the Nightstar figure.


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themovielord 4/3/2007 1:17:40 AM
Saw the Red Son Green Lantern, pretty sweet.
enamic5 4/3/2007 7:28:33 AM
I really admire that Green Lantern - 12 pints articulation. After 12 pints I'd be way beyond articulation.
dwanderer 4/3/2007 12:29:05 PM
Hahaha. Yeah, I was thinking that very thought, myself.... but enamic5 beat me to typing it out. Yeah, I know ya meant 'POINT'. Sheesh, some people glower for no good reason. Man!
Paxtin 4/3/2007 2:36:09 PM
Whoa, Supergirl's become a woman. XD lol Nice figure though.
muchdrama1 4/3/2007 2:52:10 PM
Can her tits BE any bigger?


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