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MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 7/30/2013 3:14:35 PM

Or even a marriage between a plutocracy and a theocracy.

phantomman 7/30/2013 6:44:54 PM

@ wise - I understand what you mean.  To clarify I was speaking more along the lines of the rich and powerful ruling over others, both through laws/edicts and through force.  There are groups of people or individuals the world over who throw their weight around and oppress others, yes.  I would more use the word persecution or "being a jerk" in that respect.     As was said already history repeats itself.  Rich people or, I say with emphasis, rich institutions, or entities with power oppress and rule over those with less money and therefore less power.  People come and go but institutions stay.  The process continues until oppressed can't take it anymore and revolution begins.  Rich people both innocent (and might I say GOOD innocent rich people) and guilty are killed in a broad sweeping fit of rage by the masses and replacement is set up.  Eventually, and often very quickly, those with money return to power and process begins anew.  Power begets money anyway, so even a poor person in power starts getting wealthy.

  There's nothing wrong with having money... problem is those who oppress often have it to gain the power to oppress or simply get their way.  I think we all can agree that people in general can just be douchebags.  And when did this site become a history forum, lol?

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