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"Enchanters" Contest

By Karl Schneider     April 14, 2007

© Freya Publishing
Mania is happy to announce our latest contest, a giveaway of the David Bryan Russell novel, Enchanters.

From Freya Publishing, Enchanters is a stunningly imaginative, dynamically paced contemporary fantasy novel, Enchanters chronicles the adventures of Glys Erlendson, a young environmentalist convinced that the planet is in grave danger. On a vacation in Norway she discovers an even more frightening truth: she is not human. Worse, the Shadowlings wish her destruction. Glys is compelled to follow a mysterious enchanter on a perilous journey to Myradelle - an astonishingly beautiful, hidden magical realm that coexists uneasily with our own. But death awaits at every step, and Glys must throw off her human shell to survive – but what lies underneath?

In Myradelle, Glys awakens to a whole new world of magic sourced from the flow of natural forces. She befriends a myriad of fantastic beings that inspired human legends about unicorns, mermaids, centaurs and fairies. But new and more desperate adventures await, as a vile Guurm and the Witch of Four Directions conspire to entrap Glys and her new companion.

Meanwhile, a mysterious device is activated in the human world. Glys uncovers the lethal intent of its sinister creator. Dedicated to the preservation of life and the reconnection of humankind with nature, she follow him to the cavernous depths of the Underworld to save both human and Enchanter worlds.

Interested?  Then drop me a line at maniaent@gmail.com with Enchanters in the subject/body of the email!

The book is available for $14.95 plus shipping, you can order it over here.


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