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The end of Marvel Comics?

The House of Ideas may be jumping ahead to deliver the final story for some of its most popular titles

By Eric Moro     February 20, 2002

John Romita Jr.'s re-imagined concept for the Incredible Hulk
© 2001 Marvel Comics

While avid readers are aware of the fact that fan favorites Peter David and Dale Keown are hard at work on "The Last Hulk Story" (an imagining of what the final installment in the green goliath's comic book would entail), what they don't know is that Marvel Comics may just expand this concept to include other popular titles. However, the timeline for such an endeavor is a bit nebulous.

"There is no timeline with these stories because the stories are really creator specific," says Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada. "The reason the Peter David Hulk story works so well is because he and Dale have a particular tie to that character, so it makes perfect sense. We will do these stories, and they're always on the table, but it really depends on the creators that want to come over and do them. For example, I think I'd like to see Chris Claremont do 'The Last X-Men Story.' But again, it doesn't take much imagination to try to figure out which creators would work in these kinds of scenarios. So it's definitely something that's always there and ready to go, but there's no real timeline on how many and when."


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