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Energy Entertainment Jumping At Shadows

By Rob M. Worley     February 12, 2003

Last November comic creators Jade Dodge and Matt Camp announced theupcoming  publication of their new title Shadows.  That announcement attractedimmediate interest from Hollywood. Last week that momentum culminated with the team becoming the latestcreators to sign with the Hollywood management-production concern Energy Entertainment. 

Comics2Filmspoke with both Dodge and Energy's Daniel Alter about the comic and the new management deal.

Shadows follows afour-person team that investigates and documents paranormal occurrences. While it dwells in the world of the unknown,it also focuses on the inner demons of the investigators themselves.

"The title Shadows has two different meanings,"Dodge told us "The first would be that itrepresents the unknown; the things that we don't always see or we might catch aglimpse of, that being the paranormal aspects. It also represents the darkplaces inside of ourselves; the places where we hide our secrets, our shame, ourweaknesses. I like to sum it up by saying Shadows delves into the human psyche whiledabbling in the realm of the bizarre."

Alter expressed enthusiasm for the project. "Jade's a great writer. She's created a title that plays with a lot of the same myths, urbanlegends, etc...that X-Files covered so well, while injecting itwith a young, hip, and clever sensibility that the Screamcrowd takes to heart in," Alter said, "and Matt Camps' artwork seemsto beautifully illustrate the tone Jade is going for with her story."

The comic, due out this month from Image, has been in development for years.Its announcement last November sparked immediate interest from Hollywood. AsDodge and Camp started to consider representation, they were quickly contactedby Daniel Alter at Energy Entertainment.

"We'vebeen very impressed with their efforts to keep in contact with us. They were very interested in Shadows and just genuinely excitedabout the project," Dodge said of Energy.

"I was alsovery impressed by Energy's recognition of the untapped potential in the comicindustry, leading them to open a department dedicated solely to comic bookproperties. There are a lot of very talented people in the comic industry todaywith a lot of really great ideas."

Of course, Energy sees huge potential for Shadows outside ofcomics. "It's important to have a high-concept, which this does.  It'slike having the idea behind a new spec script being pitched to you.  Onceyou start to read it, you want to be grabbed in the first ten pages," Altersaid. "In this case, it's all about the characters.  Andit's within the first five pages of issue #1, the groundwork is laidbetween what will be the ups and downs of this teams members' relationships."

While Dodge and Camp have been focused on the comic, Dodge admits that sheeasily envisions a live-action take on the material. "In general when I'm writing I have itpictured in my head before I write it down. It's kind of like a movie goingon in my mind, just to get an idea of how things are flowing; how the storyflows, how the dialog flows," Dodge said. "So, it's always in my mindas a movie. Looking at it from that perspective, I can see it translating wellinto either film or television."

Should a film or television deal come about, Dodge said she'd like to beinvolved, just to ensure that the concept is true to the source material.

"I wouldlike to see continuity between what's happening in the comic and the televisionseries or film," Dodge said. "If I were involved it would be to makesure the essence of the comic is still there. I feel that's important."

The first issue of Shadows is due out from Image on February 19th.The title is ongoing and bi-monthly.


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