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Energy Entertainment Launches Comic Management Division

By Rob M. Worley     August 29, 2002

It's no secretthat, with several hit movies in theaters in the past few years, Hollywood isnow riding the comic-to-film wave. Comics2Film has learned that Hollywoodmanagement-production house Energy Entertainment has started a property divisiondedicated to managing the film rights of comic book titles.

Energy is ownedand operated by Brooklyn Weaver. The company has set up 12 projects in the lastyear and a half and enjoys a first-look deal with the Sony-based Original Film (xXx,The Fast and the Furious). Energy's comic book division is to bespear-headed by Daniel Alter.

"It wasalways a childhood dream of mine to run a comic book company," Alter told C2F."Instead I'm excited to take that medium and import it into the medium inwhich I work."

10th Muse by future Tidal Wave cover artist David Jose Morán

The company hasalready hit the ground running working with comic creators like Keith Giffen,Colleen Doran and Tidal Wave Studios. Energy will bepackaging the comic book properties with A-list screenwriters.

The Hollywoodtrades announced last week that Doran had signed with Energy. The firm isinterested in Orbiter, the Vertigo graphic novel that Doran iscollaborating on with Warren Ellis. 

They're also eyeing a planned DC Comics series byGiffen and Doran called Zodiac as well as Giffen's upcoming Dominion.

Dominion is a new title Giffen createdwith Mage producer Ross Richie for the Image super-heroes line.Look for more info about that comic right here on C2F.

Their deal withTidal Wave has them angling to set up Isisas a feature and  10th Muse as a TV series.


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