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Engel Talks Powers, Bastard Samurai

By Rob M. Worley     May 08, 2002

Comics2Filmspoke with producer David Engel this week. Engle has a slate of comic book movieprojects, not the least of which is the adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis andMichael Avon Oeming's Powers. Last week it was announced thatdirector Frank Oz is in talks to helm the pic.

"Brian andI are unbelievably flattered that Frank Oz is interested in Powers,"Engel told us.

If Oz signs forthe movie, there'll likely be some additional work on the script followedcasting. Engel speculates that the director's ability to attract actors willmake that process move quickly. "Here's a guy who cast Marlon Brando,Robert DeNiro and Edward Norton in one movie," Engle said, referring tolast year's The Score.

Sony is eyeing Powersas a 2004 release.

In addition to PowersEngel is also developing James Hudnall's Chiller. The producertold C2F that he's got even more comic based projects in development."We're way down the road with A-list writers on three more projects thatI'm very excited about," Engel said. "The titles are so rich and cool.I feel really good about them."

One of theprojects is none other than Oeming's new title Bastard Samurai."Bastard Samurai is awesome," Engel enthused. "It's a contemporarySamurai story set in New York City."

The first issueof the book was recently published by Image. It's written by Oeming and MilesGunter with art by Kelsey Shannon.

Anothersoon-to-pen script will be for The Psycho, based on a comic bookwritten by Hudnall with art by Dan Brereton. The comic tells the tale of JakeRiley, a man forced to become the thing he hates, a superhuman agent in theservice of the government.

"ThePsycho is unbelievably cool," Engel said. "It is the hottestcomic book that has never been exposed to Hollywood."

The thirdproject is Hudnall's fantasy adventure Age of Heroes. Engeldescribes that concept as a medieval X-Men.

The producer didnot want to name the talent he's bringing on board the new projects, butpromised more information as soon as the deals are signed.


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