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ENTERPRISE illustrator talks new show

By Christopher Allan Smith     June 20, 2001
Source: lcarscom.net

 In an interview carried on lcarscom.net, ENTERPRISE illustrator Doug Drexler have some hints on what he's expecting from the latest STAR TREK series, as well as did some expected defending of his bosses, ENTERPRISE creators Rick Berman and Brannon Braga.

 "How many Star Trek episodes are we talking about at this point? Almost 600? The fans have got to give the producers a break," he said in an online chat carried by the site. "Roddenberry himself would be hard pressed after that many shows to continue without changing the formula just for variety's sake. It is only natural that Rick Berman and associates take a chance and experiment with the format. You can't damn them for that. I defy anyone to keep it going as nicely as it has been!"

 Drexler then went on to gush about the new show as a fan, as well as hinting at the tonal difference between ENTERPRISE and another TREK incarnation.

 "I'm happy about it! There is soooooo much good stuff just waiting to be elaborated on!" he said. "If the original TREK was WAGON TRAIN To The Stars, then this TREK is HOW THE WEST WAS WON."


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