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ENTERPRISE premiere spoilers out

Fan reaction to pilot script mixed to positive

By Christopher Allan Smith     June 26, 2001
Source: Darkhorizons.com


In a surprise to those who have been monitoring the turgid fan response to the prequel concept of ENTERPRISE, the new STAR TREK show centering on the birth of the Federation 100 years before Kirk and Co. suit up for their five year mission, the reaction to the most complete description and review of the pilot script so far has engendered eagerness from hardcore fans.

In recent months, the Brannon Braga/Rick Berman (executive producers of STAR TREK) haters among fans have been flaming all over TREK message boards about the duo toying with "established continuity" by setting the show at the supposed already-established birth of the Federation. However, with the posting of DarkHorizons.com's review of the script, titled 'Broken Bow,' the tide may have turned.

Those of you not fond of spoilers before seeing the show, skip out now. Everyone else, follow me...



Here's the synopsis of the Dark Horizons' piece, as printed on Trekweb.com (where a lot of an reaction can be measured):

"2-hour pilot of the fifth STAR TREK TV series, and set around the year 2160 - around a century before the original series. At this time humanity has only begun to explore the stars with most humans having had little or no contact with aliens, whilst the Vulcans have been supervising and controlling the path of human space exploration programs. At this time a Klingon shuttle crash lands in the American mid-west with its occupant pursued by two aliens known as Suliban - a nomadic race whose members have undergone severe genetic engineering. Heavily injured whilst stopping the pair, the Klingon is taken to Starfleet headquarters where Captain Jackson Archer vows to return him to the Klingon Homeworld of Qo'nos, against the wishes of the Vulcans. Archer and a hastily pulled together crew including an alien doctor, a Japanese multi-lingual comm officer, and a Vulcan science officer/supervisor head off in the SS Enterprise to do so - the first ship capable of Warp Five (100 times faster than any other human ship) that was built by Archer's father. Not far into the mission the Suliban, lead by a creature named 'Silik' who himself is taking orders from an unknown power in another time, attacks and kidnaps the Klingon - forcing the crew to find where they've taken him and why do they so desperately want him back in their clutches. Along the way they'll visit an exotic alien underground marketplace, fly through the liquid atmosphere of a gas giant, and learn space can be a very dangerous place."



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