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EPISODE III author revealed

Good news: he's familiar with the Dark Side

By Patrick Sauriol     November 15, 2003
Source: Official STAR WARS website

The STAR WARS website has announced the author who will write the novelization for EPISODE III and he's no stranger to George Lucas' universe. Matthew Woodring Stover, author of the Clone Wars original novel SHATTERPOINT (click for review) and the New Jedi Order book TRAITOR, joins the exclusive club consisting of Terry Brooks (EPISODE I) and R. A. Salvatore (EPISODE II) as writers who have adapted the STAR WARS prequel screenplays into novels.

"SHATTERPOINT made me feel like I can bring out the interior life of a character that you've only seen the outside of on the screen. That's a lot of what I anticipate I'm going to be doing for this novelization," Stover is quoted as saying on the official website. "I think that Lucasfilm and Del Rey feel I have a certain insight into the dark side. That is, after all, what I was writing about in both of my previous STAR WARS books."

Del Rey Books will release the novelization of EPISODE III at a time close to the May 2005 release of the film. And yes, Lucasfilm is still insisting that the film (and the novel) are still untitled.

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