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Mania Grade: B

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  • Art Rating: B-
  • Packaging Rating: A
  • Text/Translation Rating: A
  • Age Rating: 18 and Up
  • Released By: Icarus Publishing
  • MSRP: 19.95
  • Pages: 208
  • ISBN: 9781934075258
  • Size: A5
  • Orientation: Right to Left

Ero Sister Vol. #01

A mixed collection of stories

By John Zakrzewski     September 02, 2009
Release Date: February 24, 2009

Ero Sister Vol. #01
© Icarus Publishing

Manga-ka Kaoru Hodumi presents nine tales of bountiful boobs, eyeglass fetishes, and liberal coatings of licentious liquids.

Creative Staff
Writer/Artist: Kaoru Hodumi
Translation: Sebastien Azar
Adaptation: Sebastien Azar

What They Say
Nine short stories about sweet and sexy sisters. One Double - Twin sisters dress up as an angel and a devil to vie for the heart of one cosplay-obsessed guy. Sister Tarts - Older sister Sena asks her boyfriend to help her little sister Rina achieve an orgasm for the first time.

The Review!
Icarus Publishing, as usual, maintains the original Japanese cover for their English language edition of EroSister.  While unable to vouch for the book’s back, featuring a succulent pair of exposed breasts exploding from a school girl’s crisp button-down, the front artwork is untouched, aside from some minor text localization.  Our cum-drenched cover girl is a perfect summation of the title’s contents, although the technical quality of this image could be seen as a misleading representation of what awaits inside. 

Chicks with big tits and glasses, drowning in male love juice, rule this compilation from manga-ka Kaoru Hodumi.  As is common with eromanga, the most appealing content is placed at the beginning of EroSister.  Opening with four chapters of consistent art that one assumes is some of Hodumi’s more recent efforts, these stories are notably easier to follow, with stronger lines, less jumbled layouts, and a better use of negative space and shading. 

Serving as a median is a short, four page tale of medical mischief.  Seemingly created in color and now rendered in black & white, this segment almost appears to be slathered in a thin veneer of Vaseline.  The following pages have a similarly viscous feel and also begin the book’s second half.  Less proportionate characters and messier page composition figure heavily in these additional four stories.  Hodumi’s degenerative style may not be extremely divergent from the previous pieces, but it is immediately discernable and on occasion rather unpleasant.

Shared by the whole of EroSister are pages absolutely swimming in gloppy-male ejaculate.  Fans of cum-covered vixens will surely be titillated by these filthy scenes; although at times, the excessive amount of seminal liquid squirted about detracts from the girl squirming beneath these gooey blankets.  When it comes to money shots, Hodumi has an annoying penchant for two-page spreads—it’s always frustrating when the big finish is accompanied by large chunks of artwork being eaten by a book’s spine.

Icarus’ edition of EroSister reads fairly well, and I found the text to be less clunky than some of their previous releases.  As is the publisher’s practice, both a pronunciation guide and a glossary of relevant Japanese terms are provided at the back of the volume.

Also consistent with Icarus’ other releases, only verbalized sounds (those found inside character speech bubbles) are given accompanying translations; all other drawn effects are treated as artwork and left in their original Japanese.  While I’m a fan of leaving the artwork untouched and clutter free, it would be nice if Icarus could provide an additional appendix for the bawdy kanji.

EroSister comprises nine lewd tales of busty girls in glasses getting copiously covered in sticky spunk.  Readers hoping for ample brother-on-sister copulations will likely be disappointed.  While many of the chapters feature sister characters, few delve deeply into hardcore incestuous themes.

I have a Good Heart!!:  Our sloppy cover girl stars in the book’s first story.  In exchange for a specially requested piece of artwork, this feisty older sister has to give her manga-drawing brother a little X-rated service. 

One Double:  What’s the best way for a guy to decide between two identical twins?  Answer: to hell with choosing, just fuck both of them at the same time.

My Personal Angel:  When the sister you never knew existed suddenly appears on your doorstep, making-up for lost time occasionally requires some seriously intimate relations.

Sister Tarts: 
In another two-for-one tale, a concerned girl graciously loans her favorite boy-toy to aid a naughty sibling in reaching her fist orgasm.

Over-Medication: As previously mentioned, the artwork in this four-page interlude, between a doctor and his slutty nurse, looks a bit murky when printed sans color.

Contract with a Devil:  Visually this manga’s most confusing chapter, in this cum-soaked demonic gangbang, a girl’s soul is offered as payment for fulfilling her raunchiest fantasies.

Cumshot Harmony: The book’s artistic low-point, a random (and rather awkwardly drawn) school girl employs her body in hopes of motivating one stereotypical delinquent into passing his classes.

Pink Full Course:  Probably the best chapter in EroSister’s second half.  Unable to concentrate on schoolwork thanks to his sister and her sexy waitress outfit, a young boy gains much needed relief after a perverted study session.

Flying Potion
:  And rounding things out is a sweet story of a boy’s love of ping-pong, and his even greater love for the bouncy captain of the ping-pong squad.

In Summary
My first exposure to Hodumi’s work was through her CG sets, available for download at; prior to reading this book, I wasn’t even aware she had released any physical adult comics.  Going into EroSister with my own preconceived notions and expectations based purely on the cover (itself a fine example of what the manga-ka offers via online distribution), I finished the volume dissatisfied by what the author outputs when limited to black, white, & paper.

In the current overcrowded market of computer created 2D porn, Hodumi’s products do not especially standout, yet they’re solidly crafted, employing competent coloring, and a limited use of special effects.  Conversely, the manga-ka’s pencil drawings fail to exhibit the same level of visceral impact as her digitally-painted images.  Designs generally remain similar in both outlets, but there’s a noticeable lack of shading and finer detail in the comics—the impression one receives from her manga is an overwhelming blast of white and empty space. 

This difference in quality is only further accentuated by the book’s opening pages, which in shades of grey reproduce content that was clearly first created in vibrant hues.  In these selections we can still see an abundance of highlights, shifts in skin tone, shading on fabric…everything that is essentially missing in the rest of this book.  It’s a shame, really, since one can imagine EroSister being a significantly more impressive manga, if only Hodumi could have transferred her CG expertise to these paper confines.

As a whole, EroSister is a rather two-faced affair.  The book’s first half gets right to the dirty bits and is backed by sufficiently enticing artwork.  Whether these initial stories justify the price of admission is a difficult call, though, since the rest of volume—with its uneven illustrative prowess and muddled premises—fairs less favorably. 


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