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  • Art Rating: B+
  • Packaging Rating: A
  • Text/Translatin Rating: B+
  • Age Rating: 14 & Up
  • Released By: Broccoli Books
  • MSRP: 9.99
  • Pages: 224
  • ISBN: 1597411213
  • Size: B6
  • Orientation: Right to Left
  • Series: Faust Anthology

E\'S Vol. #03

By Patricia Beard     September 05, 2007
Release Date: July 11, 2007

E\'S Vol.#03
© Broccoli Books

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Satol Yuiga
Translated by:Satsuki Yamashita
Adapted by:Elizabeth Hanel

What They Say
Kai wakes up from his ordeal in an underground labyrinth, and is led by a mysterious voice to a place where young psychics are being held captive. Meanwhile, Yuuki confronts Maria, who demands he hand over the psychic he is harboring, but she doesn't mean Kai! Yuuki soon learns that there's a bounty on his head, and he must hurry to find out the details before it's too late for both him and Asuka.

The Review
Poor E's. It just doesn't want to reveal or resolve much of anything. Volumes 1 and 2 introduced the characters and the places of the E'S world and described the motives and goals of Ashuram and Gald in vague and general terms. The only person with an identifiable goal was Yuuji with the pursuit of the Sacrament of Calvarias undertaken for the Gald guerrillas in volume 1. As of the end of volume 3, he hasn't done much with it.

In this volume, Kai involuntarily transports to an underground location where he is captured by a religious organization using child psychics in unknown pursuits against Ashuram. He establishes a bond with one of the young psychics and it's obvious that he needs to help them. On Gald, the importance of Asuka to the plans of both Gald and Ashuram isn't defined, but she and Maria are cornered for capture by another mysterious organization.

The character count rises all while doing little to move the story forward. In addition to the new characters of the underground, the end of the E'S for this volume introduces three new psychics for Ashuram.

The introduction of so many characters who seem to have no depth or who have little relevance to the story keep the narrative from taking hold. Right now, E'S has the feel of a work where the all the action will take place at one final apocalyptic event, very much like CLAMP's "X". In order for that to work, the reader needs more information consistently revealed and characters need more than a superficial identity if one expects them to carry some of the burden of narrative.

There is a very large extra that comprises half of this volume. Entitled "Prelude to Destruction", it's a two part manga described as a preview created to describe the "atmosphere of the E'S world". This extra has it own extra in the form of a guide to the differences in this preview and the final form of E'S, all presented by Shin-Lu and Shen-Long. Fans of the series might appreciate the look at the development of the series origin and characters, but it's a distraction and derails a series that needs to clearly establish what it's about.

Although Yuuki's favorite colors are "anything bright", his cover for volume 3 is done in blues and purples, deep as the color of night. Another beautiful volume from Broccoli with a color insert of Kai.


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