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Escape from Tomorrow Trailer

Will we see this in theaters?

By Robert T. Trate     September 16, 2013
Source: hollywoodstreams

This film started out as something I thought would never happen. How could anyone go in to a Disney theme park and film a movie? It takes a lot of balls to use guerilla filmmaking tactics to pull off such a feat. Check out the trailer for Escape From Tomorrow.  

The Plot: In a world of fake castles and anthropomorphic rodents, an epic battle begins when an unemployed father's sanity is challenged by a chance encounter with two underage girls on holiday.

Escape from Tomorrow features Roy Abramsohn, Elena Schuber, Katelynn Rodriguez, and is directed by Randy Moore

Escape from Tomorrow arrives October 11th, 2013. 


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Sanity 9/16/2013 9:55:13 AM

 This movie looks weird as %#!@.  But I Googled searched this Randy Moore...she's hot.  ;)

thezillaman 9/16/2013 10:27:58 AM

 looks fucking awesome!!! 

blankczech 9/16/2013 11:09:59 AM


Sanity...try Googling Randy Moore Writer / Director instead of Randy Moore the porn star, you may not like that result as much (he's not hot).

Roger Ebert said of this film (shortly before his death)  - "ultimately about the Terror of ubiquitous entertainment."

Sanity 9/16/2013 11:35:20 AM

 lol...I'm lazy anymore.  I just highlight names, right click and choose "search google for..."   The first thing up was Images for Randy Moore.  Wasn't what I was expecting but I'll take it.

monkeyfoot 9/16/2013 11:47:45 AM

Robert, this is the first I've seen anything about this movie. Your article seemed to imply the premise behind this was common knowledge for everybody like a Friday the 13th movie or Star Wars and it wasn't for me.

Blankczech & Sanity, you guys need to work up an Abbot and Costello comedy routine LOL!

mlaforce 9/16/2013 4:25:31 PM

I would have had no idea what the plot was all about even after watching the trailer had Robert not posted it...

Looks good though and in a Stanley Kubrick kind of way...Looking forward to it...

CaptAmerica04 9/16/2013 4:41:48 PM

Yeah, I don't need my love of Disneyland to be raped.  I'll skip this one.

VTGamehendge 9/16/2013 10:30:05 PM

Whisky Tango Foxtrot...

FrozenFear 9/17/2013 7:25:37 AM

Very disappointed that this is not the wrap up of the Snake Plissken trilogy that all the fans have been clamoring for :P

ultrazilla2000 9/17/2013 4:47:17 PM

 This looks AWESOME!  I wonder what kind of legal issues Disney has (or will) tried to use to bury this?



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