ETERNAL DARKNESS to be released at GameCube launch -

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ETERNAL DARKNESS to be released at GameCube launch

Nintendo Vice President spills the goods

By James Stevenson     October 04, 2001

Eternal Darkness
© 2001 Nintendo

In a recent interview with CINESCAPE, Nintendo's Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Perrin Kaplan, revealed that Silikon Knight's pyscological thriller, ETERNAL DARKNESS, will launch with the Nintendo GameCube. Previously the game had been listed as an early December release.

"With the launch of Nintendo GameCube it is our intention to satisfy all age groups and tastes.  Our launch lineup of games, ranging from LUIGI'S MANSION to ETERNAL DARKNESS to WAVE RACE: BLUE STORM makes this clear," said Kaplan. "Nintendo is creating games such as NBA COURTSIDE, STAR FOX ADVENTURES: DINOSAUR PLANET, PIKMIN, and that represent a variety of genres -sports, adventure, and strategy to name a few - that will appeal to a wide variety of game players."

When contacted, a Nintendo representative would not confirm nor deny, but said that ETERNAL DARKNESS is within the "launch window."

We'd take this as meaning Nintendo wants to get it out for launch, but doesn't want to promise anything. Here's hoping they can pull it off.


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