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Evangelion Premium Box Information

    February 16, 2002

For those who've been waiting, the news, or at least preliminary parts, have
come out regarding the premium box sets for Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The Premium Edition, which is being made in limited numbers, comes in two
flavors to satisfy the Eva fanatic.

These boxes will be produced in a limited quantity of what seems to be about
2000 copies. ADV Films has partnered with Paul Champagne to produce these very
high quality stunning looking boxes using a new technique. These metal boxes
will also be numbered, and will take some time to make. According to their
information at TRSI, the first boxes will ship on 04/23/2002 and they expect to
get the last shipment by June to finish getting them out. Paul Champagne's work
is very high quality and this box is unlike anything he's done before. With
luck, we'll be able to post some images soon of what this looks like.



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