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Chris Evans talks about playing Captain America.

By Jarrod Sarafin     February 17, 2011
Source: TotalFilm

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With just five months to go before Captain America (or just the The First Avenger in international territories) is visualized on the silver screen, lead actor Chris Evans sat down with TotalFilm to discuss his thoughts on donning the tights and waving that iconic shield. The pressing concern is keeping all the fans happy with his portrayal as Steve Rogers:

"It's important, you know at the end of the day we are doing this for the fans. And if they're not happy, we've missed the mark. You go in and do as much research as you can from the comic books, but you're also trying to make something your own. This is an origin story... I think a lot of the comic books deal with after he's become Captain America, so to some degree we had to take some liberties. But you want to make sure you've done your homework."

He added that as he went along with the principal photography of director Joe Johnston, he became more accustomed to the character:

"You want the character to be the icon, but if you reduce him to a red, white and blue outfit it makes him shallow. It wasn't until we got our hands dirty with the script and had a good couple of scenes in the can, that I thought, 'Man, I think I'm actually getting this guy.' I feel like the character now, much more than a shield or a mask."

Check out more of the interview here and sound off with your thoughts.

Captain America will hit 3D/2D theaters July 22, 2011.




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Wiseguy 2/17/2011 12:44:03 PM

Yeah I'm with you Chris, you want to make the character your own without deviating too much from the source. From the little seen and all else I'm feeling pretty damn optimistic that you've done it

I wonder if that 6 picture deal includes cameos or if it's meant to be full on roles. I guess a Cap trilogy can be expected as per usual but will we get an Avengers trilogy also, that's my big question that'll probrably be answered by the box office receipts

violator14 2/17/2011 12:55:40 PM

Man, when is the next trailer with some actual action coming out?

ddiaz28 2/17/2011 1:41:19 PM

I'm thinking it's for a Cap trilogy and an Avengers trilogy Wiseguy.  I mean, didn't Cobie Smoulders get a 9 picture deal to play this new Shield agent?  That means they'll be making a hell of a lot of movies in this current Marvel universe and I'm sure 3 of those will be Avenger films.  I'm pretty sure the box office receipts for those films will be huge.

Violator, I'd like to know the same thing.  I really want to see a full trailer.  The teaser just didn't do much for me.

wessmith1966 2/17/2011 3:15:25 PM

He was my pick for cap from the beginning and I think he's going to knock it out of the ballpark. I really like what he has to say here, because Steve/Cap is so much more than the costume. His beliefs and the courage to stand strong in those beliefs no matter what is whathas always made him my favorite character. Building a strong lead character can only make the movie better.

UltimateTypeface 2/17/2011 3:44:37 PM

If you havent read a Captain America comic it would seem a strange concept to build 3 huge movies around a guy who runs around dressed in an American Flag. It has to be about Steve Rogers and about how good a man can possibly be physically, mentally and ethically...and some cool shield thowing stunts.

He seems like an outdated symbol in this day and age but that might be one of the things that makes this film so interesting.

As an Australian I can't be all "apple-pie" about this but I think this movie is going blow everyone away.

BunyonSnipe 2/17/2011 3:49:31 PM

I'm really hoping that something happens at the end of the Avengers movie to make him go AWOL and take on the mantle of Nomad...

CAPTAIN AMERICA: NOMAD has a nice ring to it, i think :-)

EVOKnight 2/17/2011 11:18:08 PM

anyone at least a little curious as to how they are going to make the whole " rebounding shield" thing work in live actio without looking like a cheap TRON knock off?

Dazzler 2/18/2011 5:24:02 AM

First Avenger crap really pisses me off still. 

ElBaz13 2/18/2011 5:54:32 AM

Quote from Chris Evans:

"It's important, you know at the end of the day we are doing this for the fans. And if they're not happy, we've missed the mark. You go in and do as much research as you can from the comic books, but you're also trying to make something your own."

I guess Fox and Bryan Singer don't have that pasted on their motivational posters.

Cap and Thor will freakin rock!


redvector 2/18/2011 6:39:10 AM

Fox and Singer only used the X-verse from the comics as a vague outline to build their franchise around. And what they got was ultimately soulless action flicks that crapped on what made the comics so great. Namely character development and continuity. Which have been so royally screwed up that I've no interest in First Class.

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