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VTGamehendge 7/14/2011 12:52:43 PM

If Sam and Bruce are in charge of this then I think it could be pretty good.  The original was meant to be scary but ended up being really cheesy and just hilarious, so they ran with it.  This time around maybe they'll make the movie a true scary movie.

InnerSanctum 7/14/2011 1:17:10 PM

ED was my least favorite.   I think the fact that ED2 played up the humor and was able to also scare the crap out of you is what made it a classic.  It is still one twisted flick.  Closest to Lovecraft that I've seen.  The oddities in the house coming alive and Ash grasping for his sanity played for one chilling moment.  AOD was silly campy fun.  It did have the best one liners.  

I'm tired of being bummed out by remakes.  Campbell has been talking about this for awhile now.  I guess an old Ash wouldn't be relevant to today's modern, hip movie thrill seekers.  We need our heroes young.  

I have to say, I personally would like to see a sequel with Cambell with the original AOD ending.  Where he has slept past his time into an apocolyptic future.  But, he seems content on making smaller movies, writing books and doing his TV show.  If anyone saw Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe...you would see that he was very capable of shedding the extra pounds, dying his hair and making himself look ten years younger.  

Inferno 7/14/2011 1:20:13 PM

I wonder if they'll try and re-create the trilogy or go in a whole new direction. But i'm curious to see how this will work out. I'll give it  chance for sure!

krathwardroid 7/14/2011 3:39:17 PM

This was inevitable. Maybe this is like a joke and this will still be set in canon to the other Evil Dead movies by having Ash end up in some parallel universe like he did in Marvel Zombies.

krathwardroid 7/14/2011 3:50:20 PM

InnerSanctum: That's what I am talking about. The three movies didn't care about continuity from one to the next, so that could make sense here, especially if Bruce Campbell does return as Ash. At the end of Evil Dead 2, Ash killed a Deadite and was immediately hailed as a hero, while in Army of Darkness it took him time to win over the locals. Suppose the Evil Dead 2 Ash actually did go to a different universe? Who knows what really happened to him after passing through that vortex. If they went with something like this for the new movie, it just might work. Maybe have Darkman make a cameo. :P

krathwardroid 7/14/2011 3:56:03 PM

TremorDeth: Good point. Star Wars had been around long enough by the time The Phantom Menace came out that Darth Vader as Luke Skwalker's father wasn't exactly a big spoiler anymore. Maybe it was only a year or two after The Empire Strikes Back came out, but that's it. The prequels hardly ruin the revelation at this point. And if you want younguns who haven't seen Star Wars to experience it the way we all did, then just have them watch the Original Trilogy before the prequels.

evilbeagle 7/14/2011 6:57:09 PM

Loved Army of Darkness!  Give me some sugar baby!  I'll take more  of this crap.  Still like Sammy even after Spider man 3.  Really liked his off beat movies, The Gift and A Simple Plan.  I know he's not directing, but still...

TheScriber 7/16/2011 9:10:33 PM

 Booo! why remake prequel? remake no. Why have Campbell again. Because he is an out of work actor trying to salvage?  Writers need to step up!  holywood needs to step up. Screw a safe bet. Whatever happend to risk. Thank you Final Destination 5. 13 year olds with their parents money run the biz. 

SarcasticCaveman 7/17/2011 1:26:19 AM

 Uh...TheScriber, you're obviously not aware of a show called Burn Notice on USA...Bruce Campbell is one of the the three main stars, playing a character named Sam Axe.  Not only is it in it's 5th season or so, but they've also done a really awesome TV movie called Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe that goes into the character's background.  Out of work actor?  HARDLY.

axia777 7/17/2011 3:13:33 PM

 Burn Notice rules just as much as Bruce rules on that show.

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