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Sci-Fi Channel's Annoying Promotional Methods

12/8/2006 9:36:34 PM permalink

I don't know if this is country wide, but during the last viewing of Battlestar Galactica (Dec 8), we were subjected to not only the usual annoying-as-hell show promotion banners across the bottom of the screen after each commerical break but now we get a 'Lost Room Premiers Monday' over the top of the Sci-Fi logo.  For the entire show.   FOR THE ENTIRE SHOW.  

On my 65" TV, this is beyond annyoing.  It's totally unacceptable.  This trend has been growing.   It use to be we just got a logo flash.  Then some marketing idiot (probably the same ones that show all the good parts in the movie trailers) decided, 'Hey, let's show the logo the entire time because our audience is too stupid to know what channel they are watching'.   That led us to the 'You are watching Battlestar Galactica' banners (again, we're too freaking stupid to know what we are watching)  followed by a banner flashing 'Next up SG-1'.   What's next, a continuous banner at the bottom promoting whatever Sci-Fi original movie they are showing next? (are those a joke or what?  Has anyone ever seen one they liked?)  Or perhaps a Coke commercial?  Where does it end?

People - only we can put a stop to this insane idea of splashing ads all over our shows.  I urge you to seed feedback to Sci-Fi at and voice your opinion about what they are doing.   It's only going to get worse if we don't do something.

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