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A Football Smashed My Viper! (Article) - 1/28/2007 7:31:44 AM

That's alway been my issue with Supes and why I never followed the comic (and eventuallly got bored with Smallville). He's either invulnerable or incapable. I too despise the Red K episodes - they are like the Holodeck episodes of ST - an overused item that was amusing once or twice. (I came for Star Trek, not Murder Mysteries with Patrick Stewart)

Battlestar Galactica to upset fans? (Article) - 1/27/2007 9:09:14 AM

Ok, someone explain why my post 'I usually stop reading at KJ's take' (that's ALL it said) was removed? How is this any more inflametory than what's said in the various posts? I've found most of his follow ups, well, 'not of interest to me' This article just reinforced that decision - I had to go back and read it when I realized people were barking about it. That said, if maina is gonna start randomly censoring comments of THAT level, I'll find some place else to get this information. If he found the statement insulting..well I find his take on this article insulting. So what?

Green Goblin image from "Spider-Man 3" (Article) - 1/24/2007 8:57:19 AM

I usually stop reading at 'KJ's Take'

"Battlestar Galactica: Rapture" (Article) - 1/24/2007 8:55:01 AM

I love this show, but I wish they'd ease up on all the hocus-pocus - it's suppose to be sci-fi and it's starting to get annoying. Anyway, a mostly good episode. Helo. Ok, that's twice now he's pretty much said screw everyone else, I'm doing what works for me - and I mean everyone as in last of the human race. It's insane he is still in uniform. He cannot be trusted. He will absolutely put himself before his duty and it matters not if his choice could end the human race. He adds a lot of flavor because of what he does, but they need a good reason why he IS still where he can do damage.

New Writer for "The Time Traveler's Wife" (Article) - 1/3/2007 6:32:32 AM

I really enjoyed this book - it would be great to see it on the big screen [insert normal good writing, good cast, good effects, blah blah blah comment]

NBC Gives Green Light to "The Bionic Woman" (Article) - 1/3/2007 6:29:51 AM

I'm the last person to say that TV is the bastion of originality, but I hardly think you are being fair. The real issue is that any new idea they DO try is gvien like 3-6 episodes to gather a huge audience or they kill it. You also get continually compared to any other show that was remotely like it (how about Daybreak - neat idea, but had a bit of time shedding comparisons to, of all things, Groundhog day) I'd also muse that it's got to be really hard coming up with something people will consider 'original' AND get the execs to pick up on it. There's an awful lot of TV & movies out there - and you SURE don't want to be compared to a show that failed.

Smell my face! (Blog Post) - 12/18/2006 7:01:06 AM


ABC cancels "Day Break" (Article) - 12/18/2006 6:57:57 AM

I hadn't gotten around to watching this show, but a couple of my friends did and liked it. I was about to try to catch up on it - guess I'm glad I didn't now. Point being - it's gotten so I'm leary of investing my time in any new shows. They are soooo quick to cancel anything that doesn't have rocket ratings right off the bat. This, of course, is a circular effect. We don't watch them because we don't want to get involved in a show that will get cancelled early - they cancel it because of poor ratings. Basically, this 'cancel at first sign of low ratings' is simply keeping any show from being given a chance to develop. The first season of ST:TNG was pretty wobbly - I stopped watching it pretty quickly. But the next season caught my eye and look how long it ran. Oh well, welcome to the world of ADD. I wonder how many shows would have gone on to become great shows had they been given a chance to get their sea legs.

Smell my face! (Blog Post) - 12/15/2006 8:27:29 AM

ROFL that sucks!

Smell my face! (Blog Post) - 12/9/2006 6:09:37 PM

Sure, the logos have been around for a while (though I still think they are pointless) and I certainly never had an urge to write in about them. Agree on the banners. The biggest issue with the Lost Room thing is that on a large screen tv, your eye is constantly drawn to the text. Probably what they want - though I made it clear when I wrote Sci-Fi that I wouldn't even consider viewing the Lost Room because of the way they had promoted it. Again - my biggest concern is the continued escalation of during show advertisements and where it is headed.


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