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jedi4sshield 12/10/2010 11:47:47 AM

For Dredd there Better be some serious CGI buildings in the background cause this looks like Crap!!!

This looks like our time but with MegaCity Post-its, pretty lame. Ive seen a few of the New Pics on the Net and I'm clearly not impressed. This is suppose to be in the Future!!! not 2010 WTF. Have you guys seen the Cars they plan on using? it looks like something you can buy off a used car lot, RIGHT NOW!!!

So far The Sets, Vehicles, Buildings are way way way better from the Stallone Film than what I am witnessing with my very eyes right now. Its too bad cause the only thing that had stallones Dredd going wrong for it was not enough excessive violence and him taking his helmet off. That and the fact the Anthrax - I am the Law, was no where to be found on the soundtrack. "Drokk it"

Rheul_home 12/10/2010 11:58:57 AM

I like all of these little Dredd details but hopefully they are going to "beef up MC1" in post production because Capetown dont cut it. I dont think you should see trees and a blue sky in MC1. Thats one of the very few things they did right in the Stallone film. Im not crazy about those police cars they showed the other day either.

SarcasticCaveman 12/10/2010 12:13:38 PM

Yeah, I gotta say, judging a movie based on coinciding commercials is pretty silly.  Did you write off Wrath of Khan or Return of the Jedi because McDonald's sold commemorative glasses?  I'm not saying I have such high hopes for Green Hornet, but judging it based on this commercial is just stupid.  Why don't you just come out and say that you don't like Seth Rogen?  A lot of folks here would probably agree with you.  I don't, I happen to think the guy is hilarious, and I look forward to seeing him in something more action oriented.  Plus, I don't really care enough about Green Hornet as a character to get my boxers in a twist over it.

Wiseguy 12/10/2010 1:06:31 PM

I've been saying, along with others, that Green Hornet was going to suck. Mostly because it's effing Seth Rogen, one of the worst actors in the business in the lead and apparently McDonalds and Burger King think the movie is going to suck too cause otherwise we know one of those 2 would be supporting it. Still I'm a little intrigued and will probably see it, you know, just so I can bash it better :)

SpiderMan sounds better all the time to me. Still feel a little bad Dylan Baker didn't get the chance to play the Lizard after being teased for 2 movies

And I'm remaining optimistic about X-Men even though I hate they're not rebooting it properly and adhering to the comics' team line-up and chronology, I'll always hate Singer for effing that up

I am pumped about the Flash, really like what I'm hearing and how they plan on updating Barry Allen. Also happy they're not using the inferior Wally West. jfdavis, I would go with GRODD as Flash's top nemesis but I doubt they'd have the balls to use him for a movie and judging by the tone they're aiming for I'd think they'd stick to the more "normal" ala Fiddler, Trickster, Pied Piper, Capt. Cold or my guess for the movie Capt. Boomerang. ZOOM would be awesome too

Yeah, Judge Dredd's Mega City looks very generic. Reminds me of the crappy Gotham in Nolan's Batman

THOR he ain't 40 but he's a man. Thsi is going to be sick. The ODINSON FTW baby

krathwardroid 12/10/2010 2:08:12 PM

I never really cared much about Green Hornet OR Seth Rogen to care about this. The fact that they're doing Batman Forever/Batman & Robin-style fast food commercials is funny, I think. I wasn't going to see this movie anyway, so this hardly makes any difference. With Rogen there, I imagine it will take a "Will Smith/Wild Wild West" type of turn in its quality. And after the movie tanks they'll be regretting that they ever made it and wind up apologizing to Van Williams just as Will Smith apologized to Robert Conrad. 

jedi4sshield: I was saying the same thing about the Mega-City One vehicles in the new Dredd movie. They should look more futuristic. I was worried that this will be some substandard attempt at making a Judge Dredd movie. Mostly all we've been seeing is graffiti and signs, apart from the one shot of Karl Urban as Dredd. There aren't even any shots of sets being built, unlike the last movie where they built whole streets for Mega-City One. The Stallone version did also have the amazing visuals going for it. I hope this new movie doesn't falter in that area. I am trying to remain optimistic that they will do it justice in post-production.

wrrlykam 12/10/2010 3:33:19 PM

jedi4sshield and others: Yeah it doesn't look like the Big Meg I remember with fear and loathing. There are fan films (Judge Minty) that are looking truer to the source material than the things I've seen so far. So I too hope that there is some serious CGI post effects to be added after filming.

jfdavis 12/10/2010 3:43:11 PM

@Wiseguy- Grodd has that "criminal genius" thing going for him so it would be very easy to build up to him.  Given that they mention Silence of the Lambs  and Seven as references for this first movie, I'm guessing the mentally ill Trickster to begin but Captain Boomerang or Mirror Master may be interesting "forensically-speaking."

SarcasticCaveman 12/11/2010 2:23:49 AM

"Still I'm a little intrigued and will probably see it, you know, just so I can bash it better :)"

Wiseguy, that's the only reason I saw Avatar.

BunyonSnipe 12/11/2010 8:21:20 AM

"I am the law" is Dredd's catchphrase, I didn't have a problem with that... it's just the movie it self was awful and took the character out of context...

BunyonSnipe 12/11/2010 8:34:29 AM

Although I have to say with the new film, I am a little worried now, too...

I wanted the futuristic bubble shaped cares and all that cool stuff, the pickups are doing nothing for me, I mean I love Jock's work but I was hoping it would actually look like the comic, I mean I was a little pissed off when a character I'd read for 30 years (Wolverine) was changed from a short ugly, hairy guy that I could identify with to a tall slim handsome guy that I couldn't, but nowhere near as peed of as when I saw the Stallone Dredd  all those years ago...

With both characters even though they were popular they didn't have the mainstream recognition of say Superman or Spider-Man and because of this I felt closer to them, with Wolverine this all changed in the 90s with the X-Men cartoon series and later the 2000 movie...

The same went for the Dredd movie in 1995...

I am hoping all this stuff we are seeing now is ground level design and the skyline will be added in post...

Did anyone play the Dredd Vs. Death game about 5 years ago, it was flawed, but the vision of Mega City One was flawless...


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