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Wiseguy 7/6/2009 9:02:33 AM

I guess I won't be buying the Watchmen dvd afterall, I'll wait for the ultimate super duper edition. I'm not a huge fan of this work anyway and will only buy multiple editions of films I really love not ones based on middle of the road overhyped comics

Isn't Dorff a bit too old to come back as Deacon or would he be the older Deacon telling his story and have him survived his presumed end in Blade. I'm not exactly thrilled with the idea but I'd definitely check it out.

Rob, you seem to be a little late with your piece today, too much partying over the weekend, maybe? 4th of July, you're excused :)

LocoLobo73 7/6/2009 11:43:27 AM

Yeah , WISE , I agree with you on the whole Deacon Frost story, it has made for dvd written all over it. There are just too many problems that would come with making that movie, it sort of reminds me of the whole XMEN ORGINS : MAGNETO, thing. I mean I 've been reading comics since I was a Wee Lad back in Bean town and NEVER once has it occurred to me that Magneto would be a good stand alone movie, Hell his books dont even sell well when its just him on the cover. What makes them think that will work now.  Deacon Frost was a character that was made to be killed and forgotten as he was in the first movie. If they want to do a spin off do a Night Stalker Movie and bring it alittle closer to the comics of course leave in  Jessica Beil's character of Abby Whistler, (who cares if she's not in the books she is hot and kicks ass).  It's got a lot more potential then Frost , Just leave Snipes out it .

 However I do disagree with your take on Watchman, however your entitled to your Opinion., I think that the comic was not overhyped in fact many people did nt know what it was until all the movie hype kicked up , Unless you where a comic fan. Im not sure how old you are Wise but that book was a milestone in comic books , It was one of the first books to really deliver a mature story to the media (comics).  It had engaging dialouge written at an adults level. It did nt pander to the kids it was a novel that was written in a comic book media. I mean there is a reason that it is on several must read lists of literature. I also believe that one of the main reasons it didn't do well at the box office is because someone out there thought that it was a super hero movie when its a ANTI HERO MOVIE. Its about anti establishment, its about rape, its about the tearing down of moral and justice its about the darkening of  society and the people who use to defend it.  I have own that series of books for over 2 decades and was pleased with 95% of that movie could have done with out the Giant blue cock , but to each there own im sure SWALLOWS liked it, j/k SWALLOWS. Its one of those things that gets me though, people scream that the directors dont stay faithful to the source material , well they did here for most parts and it got panned, I CRY FOUL, and I RAISE MY GLASS TO ZACK SYNDER FOR A WORK OF ART minus the giant blue cock . However I do agree I will be only getting one copy of it and that being the extended additon when it comes out

AMiSHPiRATE 7/6/2009 12:10:51 PM

No Iron Man twitter!?  Madness!!!

aegrant 7/6/2009 12:20:25 PM

Hey I really liked that Blade TV series a few years back. But a deacon frost trilogy makes no sense that character  is not one that i was thinking - what happened to him in the past? Like Lucious in Underworld, that is why I liked that prequel

I won't be watching the watchmen anytime soon - hell I could barely get though the comic cause it was getting boring in many parts. That is the reason i didn't go see it in theaters and I won't be seeing it on dvd. maybe when it hits HBO (if I still have cable - damn you and your price hikes Time Warner!)

SteveVortex 7/6/2009 12:23:42 PM

File a Deacon Frost movie under: WHAT THE RANDOM?

Dorf is definitely too old and the character isn't exactly popular.  I agree that it sounds like a direct to DVD flick. And besides...Who even cares?  What a horrible idea for a movie.  I'd rather have a frikking Jared Nomak movie than a frakking Deacon Frost movie...

If Norrington wants to return to the Blade world why not just do Blade 4 and make it kick ass!  Thereby wash ing the horrid taste of 3 out of people's mouths.


Whitelotuspriest 7/6/2009 12:58:40 PM

Man has it been 11 years since the first Blade already? Time does fly. I don't think a Deacon Frost trilogy is a good idea. I didn't think he was that great of a villain, but none of the blade villains were. I agree with Vortex if u wanna breathe life back into Blade do a part 4 and go all out.

scytheofluna 7/6/2009 2:32:21 PM

Wiseguy, you officially have zero credibility in discussing any matters related to comic books or their adaptations.  Watchmen is "middle of the road"?  How far up your own ass is your head crammed?  Seriously, are you going to say that Sin City and Dark Knight Returns were overhyped next?  Is Year One middle of the Road?  How about V for Vendetta?  Your comic book privledges are revoked, because it's pretty evident that you don't know what you're talking about.  Really, the only alternative is that you're making some feeble attempt to seem edgy and subversive by refusing to appreciate one of the most revolutionary pieces of graphic literature to ever grace the printed page.  Despite minor changes the film remains a true adaptation of a masterpiece, and unless you have the attention span of a ritalin deprived 8 year old with ADD, there's really no excuse for your position.  Either you like good comic books or you don't.

I personally am not a fan of  the work of Van Gogh but I'm not so pretentious and arrogant as to call it "middle of the road" or "overhyped".  You seriously need to get over yourself, just because Watchmen is over your head, doesn't mean it's "overhyped".

scytheofluna 7/6/2009 2:40:57 PM

And as for Doctor Manhattan's "Lower Manhattan".  It's a penis, it wasn't bigger than mine, so I'm not sure what was meant by "giant blue cock", and  really it shouldn't have been a focal point in anyone's viewing experience anyway.  Nobody's complaining about seeing Silk Spectre II's nipples, so I think it's a little lame to be complaining about a blue cock.  Seriously, how old are we?  It's a dick, big big damned deal.  It was in the comic, so Snyder did the right thing by shooting the film to match Had he shot those scenes from the waist up it would have been a total wuss out, and I'm glad that he had the balls to do the controversial, (though why a shot or two of a rather common body part should be controversial is beyond me).  What's with the infantile, and puritanical outlook on sexuality?  Why is it so one sided?  When are people going to grow up?  Where are the complaints about full frontal female nudity?  Are people really this shallow?

scytheofluna 7/6/2009 2:42:31 PM

And the idea of a Deacon Frost trilogy is the stupidest, most asinine idea I've heard in recent memory.  He was a bogus character, and doesn't deserve a second glance let alone a 3 picture deal.  Norrington is a douche, and he's going to drive the final nail into the Crow's coffin.

LocoLobo73 7/6/2009 3:43:47 PM

YO SCYTHEOF SWINE FLU , I was in agreement with you except the fact that you had to be rude about it . First off I think you can make your point with out being a douche, 2nd I agree that women have been exploited in movies forever , however I wasnt making a political issue,  I was just  being sarcastic about that being the only issue I had with the film and If all you could take away from my comments was that. Then your only problem isnt your, little friends size , just relax and try not to get so uptight. They also left out the Giant squid however I didn't think that was as funny as the giant cock comment. It just shows who has the 8 year olds mind set. Relax man cant we all just get along. Also be a little more respectful of peoples POV's. WISE IS A CONSTANT POSTER ON THIS SITE AND I BELIEVE HE HAS EARNED A LITTLE RESPECT. UNTIL HE SAYS SOMETHING RETARDED J/K. WISE. we all know your a little retarded Wise but we still luv ya man.

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