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SgtTechCom 7/7/2009 6:04:00 AM

ahh to blade or to not to blade lol

Frankly Doriff is not too old if ya look at recent pics of him. Blade however does not work without Mr Blade himself. I dunno. Im so freakin sick of the Cashing in on Vampire stuff. Thanks True Blood ! LOL


almostunbiased 7/7/2009 6:46:14 AM

I wasn't going to comment at all until I read the comments.  WOW!  Some serious hostility here.  And 4SALE, I've been on this site since it first started.  People have always written stuff like this and rarely is anything ever done about it.

I agree with some that the BLADE spinoff is LAME!  I don't even remember what else was said on this, but it wasn't much.  I still haven't seen or read blue balls  or I mean Watchman yet so I can't even comment on the debate or fight that is going on.

SteveVortex 7/7/2009 6:52:22 AM

This is none of my business either, but man I have to stick up for Wiseguy here.  I absolutely HATE it when ppl get it into their head that if someone else's opinion doesn't match up with their own, than that person is either wrong or stupid or their opinion is forfit. 

Just because the vast majority of comic book fans WORSHIP Watchmen doesn't mean someone who doesn't like it has no taste and deserves to be slammed for their opinion.

I like Watchmen (the book) it's good.  It's very unique, but it IS slow at parts and not always compelling.  I don't hold all other books to it, it is not the holy grail for me, but I do like it a lot.  I certainly don't think any other comic should be LIKE Watchmen, one is enough.  But hey, that's just me.

I happen to disagree with the public on a great many things. I LOVED: Wolverine, Transformers 2, Hulk, Iron Man, &  The (Jane) Punisher. I actually liked tham all a lot better than the holy, sacred DARK KNIGHT.  In fact I actually don't even really like TDK, I think it's overhyped and kinda lame.  Of course all of the TDK super fans will say to me what scythe said to Wiseguy.  I am stupid and my opinion doesn't matter because I don't know what a good movie even is.

What the FUCK ever.

These people have forgotten the old phrase: "Different strokes for different folks".

Not everything is going to be loved by every person.  Why can't these people just accept that someone else doesn't like what they do, shrug their shoulders and move on?  No, they feel they have to verbally PUNISH the other person.  This really pisses me off.

And as for the Blade series, number 2 is my absolute favorite!  I LOVED the concept of the Reavers.  I loved the biology they created for them, I loved the seemless blend of SFX and CGI when the Reavers jaw opened.  I loved the Blood Pack.  I loved Ron Pearlman as Reinhardt.  But mostly I LOVED Jared Nomak.  Luke Goss is the shit, and he portrayed a character that we could totally sympathize with, but at the same time knew had to be killed.  No Blade villain has been more complex or cooler than Nomak in my opinion.

But hey, a lot of people say Blade 2 sucks, or just isn't that good.

And you know what?  I'M FINE WITH THAT!  I personally love it and their opinion does not affect my enjoyment of the movie one ioda.


almostunbiased 7/7/2009 7:15:06 AM

Well said vortex.  I completely agree with you about Iron Man and Hulk being better than TDK.  But more importantly I agree with you when you said, "I absolutely HATE it when [people] get it into their head that if someone else's opinion doesn't match up with their own, [then] that person is either wrong or stupid or their opinion is forfit."  Excellent point, but to play the devils advocate I understand why people take it personally when someone trashes something they love.  It's hard not to, because people think it is an attack upon themselves and their ability to distinguish what is good or bad.  Still it's how you react to that that makes your opinion worth anything to begin with I guess, not what you're saying, but how you say it I suppose.

todd890 7/7/2009 8:06:08 AM

I agree also, I have been attacked in the past but I don't see the point of convincing others of their opinion. I find it's childless.

All films are made for one reason, to entertain the public, but people have a mind of their own and speak out their mind. Sometimes I figure some people go over board in freedom of speach  and sprout out garbage.

Some people don't like Star Trek 'Old style' not new but I'm sure there are people that hate the new film. I say if they don't like, don't watch it.

I have seen the old Hulk film and loved it, Ang Lee film and have seen the newer version. Both are equally good but I preferr Hulk than the other, it's just what I like.

TDK and other superhero films are just awesome. As of a spin off of Blade, it would be cool to see but I would rather see a new Blade film without Wesley. Yes, you heard right.

Wesley may have been awesome as Blade but let me remind everyone that plenty of actors have been James Bond over the years. Nuth said.

scytheofluna 7/7/2009 8:11:25 AM

I truely don't care that Wiseguy doesn't like Watchmen.  Perhaps I did not adequately express my reasons for thinking he's a pretentious slimeball:

Stating that one of the most beloved pieces of graphic literature of all time is "overhyped" and "middle of the road" is arrogant, pompous, and begging for a verbal elbow to the face.   The fact that he assumes that everyone discovered the work due to it's critical acclaim is merely a further demonstration of his own assumptive ignorance.  I actually read Watchmen because a friend of mine had just finished it and loved it many years ago, and long before it was part of the larger public conciousness, so his speculative assessment doesn't make anymore sense than anything else he says.

If Wiseguy had a micron of class or tact, or gave a flying rat's ass about appearing to the world at large as anything but an overopinionated self absorbed slob, he might try to express his opinions in a way that is less confrontational and unabbraisive.  Calling Watchmen "overrated" is BEGGING for someone to slap him down.  Stating that you didn't really care for it, or that it wasn't your particular thing is fine, but the manner in which he states his disdain is ultimately insulting to anyone with a differing viewpoint.  For instance stating that Mozart was a retarded hack, will earn a very different reaction from people than saying that you aren't a fan of his work.  There is a difference, and civilized people can tell.

Lobo, maybe you haven't tangled with Wiseguy with any frequency, but the man cannot have a civilized conversation unless you hate everything as much as he does.  He has the collective wisdom of a pile of toenail trimmings and the social graces of a rabid badger, so you'll forgive me for being sick of his verbal diarrhea.  If you'll kindly refer to his response, you'll see why I don't cut him any slack, and you'll see that he really is someone with the intellect and sensibilities of a 14 year old bigot obsessed with gay porn.  He cannot disagree with anyone without challenging their masculinity or making a dozen vulgar references to gay sex.  I've been called a faggot by him I don't know how many times, and laughed each time because I know how red in the face he must be as he types his little diatribes.   

Being straight, married, and with the same woman for nearly a decade I do find his homoerotic rants amusing, but I don't think he's earned even a modicum of respect.  I don't lavish any more respect on him than I would on a Klan member, a skinhead, or one of Fred Phelps' gaybashing legionaires.  Socially reprehensible speech doesn't warrant respect in my view, and considering I have worked with and been friends with, a number of wonderful gay and lesbian individuals in my day, I just find Wiseguy's constant use of gaybashing lingo to be offensive and ignorant.  I have told him numerous times that people who utilize this type of language are quite often closet case homosexuals who are lashing out at others due to their own confusion insecurity and bigotry.  Despite this, he continues to imagine me in all manner of homosexual encounters, and for some reason my differing opinions regarding genre flicks and comic books seem to fuel his hateful gay fantasies.  Sad, but funny.

In any event Lobo, in reference to lower Manhattan, I wasn't referring to you alone but the larger blue penis fearing populous present in fandom.  I tend to agree with a lot of what you say on here, and you inferred that I was attacking you personally I apologize, but a lot of neanderthals on this sight have focused on the good Doc's junk and missed the larger picture.  A joke made in good humor is all fine and good, but a lot of people really were stupid enough to be bothered by two or three seconds of blue dick, and yet have no complaints about gratuious nudity when it comes to women.  Again I did not mean to attack you personally,  but please don't give Wiseguy more credit than he deserves.  He's a childish cretin, and he deserves all of the respect and admiration that you'd give something you put on toilet paper and then proceed to flush. 

scytheofluna 7/7/2009 8:29:09 AM

Vortex there's nothing wrong with not liking  Dark Knight.  I enjoyed the film, but I don't think it's the epidome of Batman or anything.  Having a differing opinion from the masses is just fine, but being a pompous asshole about it is what I have a problem with.  In my experience most people on this site are pretty good about disagreeing in a goodnatured fashion. 

Hulk and Iron Man were better films in a lot of ways, and even if someone flat out hates Dark Knight, I don't really mind a bit, it's when they express their intense disdain for it in a way that undermines and attacks everyone who found something to like in it that I object to.  It's completely feasable to offer a viewpoint that is "contrary to popular belief" without being a total dickhead about it.

As for what I said to Wiseguy, in terms of Batman I was referring to Dark Knight Returns, and Year One, both of which are comics, not to be confused with the film bearing a similar name.  To state that Watchmen or works of equal quality are "middle of the road" or "overhyped" is just arrogant, macho posturing, and rather than just expressing that the book doesn't satisfy his palette or fit with his own personal taste he elects to express his view in a way that pisses in the cornflakes of everyone who holds Watchmen as sacred.  He can't just say "I didn't care for that", he has to say, "that was crap and you're stupid for liking it".

Don't be too quick to jump to Wiseguy's defense.  My personal issues with him go way beyond personal taste in entertainment.  If you liked Blade 2 better than the first one, that's cool.  Personally I could go either way, and everybody knows that Blade 3 was the real stinker.  As for Ang Lee's Hulk, I liked it a lot better than Spiderman 2 or 3, and I've taken some flack for thinking those movies were a little off.  Unlike Wiseguy, I didn't retaliate with a bunch of gaybashing insults, and for that matter neither did you, and that's what makes people like you and I better than him.

Wiseguy 7/7/2009 8:59:44 AM

scythe, you and some other jerk that called me names are the only ones I slammed down. You calling someone pretentious, crass, pompous or anything else is funny because you're the biggest self-righteous pompous douche bag here, bar none.

I don't have to qualify my opinions for your dumb ass, I'm writing them so you know thery are my opinions. But you proved to everyone that you are the biggest egotistical jerk ever.

Before, you wanted to be the p.c. police whenever anyone made a gay joke, now you want people's opinion stated to your qualifications? Who the fuck are you but a simple minded fuck face

I said what I thought and didn't call anyone that differs in opinion names and I didn't call anyone stupid nor infer it like you're saying so stop lying you p.o.s. but your such a sensitive pussy that when you don't agree with something you're the one that starts the name calling. Hey, you can start but you better be sure I'll be here to finish. You're not just a scumbag but now you are lying about the facts too.

It's to hard for you to admit that you were wrong and now are trying to justify it by your simple mindedness, "anyone that disagrees with the consensus opinion" is whatever you want to call them? You don't see the irony? How you start and claim the other's wrong. Fuck you, your mother and grandmother dick sucker

To everyone else excuse my vulgarity. But most of you know that this isn't my norm even if that fag claims that it is

todd890 7/7/2009 9:34:39 AM

And in this corner.

almostunbiased 7/7/2009 9:56:12 AM

Todd, LOL.

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