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Exclusive First Look at Sentai Filmworks' Mahoromatic

By Chris Beveridge     December 24, 2008

Mahoromatic Collection
© Sentai Filmworks

Due out on 01/13/2009, we got in the first release from Sentai Filmworks. The opening release from them is the license rescue from Geneon Entertainment of Mahoromatic, a twelve episode TV series from Gainax. Not surprisingly, everything about the release is a mirror image of how ADV Films has done things for the most part, from packaging to menu layout and trailer design. The Sentai Filmworks is nice and small but still visible while the back cover features a familiar layout and technical grid. It's even amusing to see, as DVD Profiler fans will no doubt recognize, the familiar UPC code. The Sentai Filmworks production credits are also very familiar as it lists John Ledford and Joey Goubeaud as the executive producers and Larr Koteff for the packaging.

When in the player, it provides a ten second skippable FBI warning before going to the main static menu which has some music. There is no Sentai Filmworks opening logo animation to be found here. The episodes themselves are essentially the same as what Geneon put out, though with six episodes to each disc, as it retains the English language credits and the Geneon credits with no additional Sentai Filmworks credits to be found in-show. Those are located in a separate DVD menu.

Sentai Filmworks has wisely included a trailers section that shows off six of their other upcoming shows. We've included a shot of the Clannad logo just to tease Clannad fans a little bit. Other trailers included are Indian Summer, Princess Resurrection, Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful, Tsukihime and Pet Shop of Horrors.

To see images from the menus, click on the cover artwork to the left.


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