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Soupernatural 2/12/2010 2:01:28 PM

Two Words: Female Crow.

whiteandnerdy75 2/12/2010 3:20:46 PM

I don't know about a fifth silverscreen Crow.  They messed up the other four, what makes'em think I'll pay for a fifth?

wessmith1966 2/12/2010 9:08:44 PM

@Matador...I enjoyed Coppola's Dracula a lot, but it just didn't give me the vibe that I got out of Wolfman. Wolfman really felt like one of the old Universal monster movies. Dracula, while I really liked it (apart from Keanu's role), just didn't have the same feel to it. As for the Mummy movies, Somers movies were not what I'm looking for. I want something atmospheric and scary, not campy and overblown with special effects.

WarCry 2/13/2010 7:59:49 AM

Whiteandnerdy, there have only been two silverscreen Crow movies. Salvation and the God-awful Wicked Prayer were both direct-to-DVD, which means the last big-screen Crow was in 1996, with The Crow: City of Angels.


I don't mind them making a new one BECAUSE they're not using the same characters. There are plenty of story-ideas out there that, if done right, could keep the franchise moving without making it stale. While I liked Salvation, Wicked Prayer was a bad story that was executed poorly. When you can say Dennis Hopper was over the top, even for Dennis Hopper, you've already lost.

death4sale 2/14/2010 12:34:50 AM

Yeah, what Native American actors?


Adam Beach plays every Native American role and he sucks at it.

jfdavis 2/14/2010 12:23:48 PM

Native American actors ------> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0821638/  Bam!

It occured to me there's a bigger problem in casting Depp as Tonto.  Unless you want him over shadowed by his sidekick, the guy who plays The Lone Ranger now has to be a huge, and expensive, star...

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