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EXCLUSIVE: Producer spills details on 2176!

In space the revolution will be projected

By Patrick Sauriol     June 02, 2004
Source: Daniel Alter

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When today's announcement of a new science fiction/action movie project titled 2176 broke, we were hoping for more details about the film's "Revolutionary War in space" premise. Thanks to one of the movie's two producers, we've gotten our wish fulfilled.

Producer Daniel Alter spoke with us about 2176, fleshing out the premise and offering new details about the futuristic setting and the project's origins. "I was working with Thunder, developing a spec, when he showed me what he and George were cooking up for 2176," recalls Alter. As was mentioned in our first article today about the project, 2176 is being written by screenwriters Thunder Levin and George Saunders. "It's Thunder's brainchild," he explains. "His baby, which he asked George to bring up with him. And now he's entrusting it to Ron and I."

We asked how America's Revolutionary War gave inspiration to the world of 2176 and its characters, and Alter explained how history was being mirrored in the sci-fi script's storyline. "Earth, naturally, substitues for Great Britain. The main protagonist in the story is General Grant Williams, loosely based upon first U.S. president George Washington, who leads the Resistance. There's even an alien race that plays a prominent role similar to the one that the French did in their military aid to the colonists."

The thirteen colonies mentioned in Hollywood Reporter's story about the project aren't close-by mother Earth. Instead of having their home soil be on the moon or Mars, Alter tells us that the rebel governments are colonies on other solar systems. "You can expect space battles, and ground warfare on numerous and varied planets (colonies) that range from tropical, snow, lava, desert, and all sorts of other settings," the producer said.

At the present moment 2176 is being re-written, with Alter's producing partner Ron Shusett supervising Levin and Saunders. "Once we have a solid draft, we're going to get a director attached, before going to studios," notes Alter before mentioning that the interest level for 2176 has now grown considerably. But can he mention any names at this early stage of the game?

"There was a lot of interested parties sniffing around this project. Luckily I had a relationship with Ron, and it so happens that Thunder and George are huge fans of his. From the beginning, this struck me as project that needs a director with a passionate vision to bring it to the screen. Ron's had an amazing run working with some of my favorite filmmakers like Spielberg and Ridley Scott. I knew if he responded to the material the way I did, then he would get the right man for the job on board."

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