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EXCLUSIVE: Take a look at BOO!

Three never-before-seen photos from upcoming horror movie

By Patrick Sauriol     May 11, 2004
Source: Anthony C. Ferrante

You don't stand a ghost of a chance with this girl after you (Taylor Hurley) in BOO!
© Kismet Entertainment
As you may or may not know, late last year CINESCAPE's Editor-in-Chief, Anthony C, Ferrante, took some time away from the printing press and stepped behind the camera lens to direct his first feature, an indie horror film that he wrote called BOO!. After many months of keeping a lid on the spooky subject matter (and many attempts by this reporter to get his Editor-in-Chief to spill the details), our comrade has given this website three exclusive images plus an inside view about the premise of the film.

BOO! is set during the time of the year that the creep factor is cranked to the highest -- Halloween night. A group of teens sneak into a deserted, dilapidated hospital, hoping that the dark atmosphere is appropriate for their evening's festivities. What they discover is that the hospital seems to be truly haunted by malevolent spirits and they don't want them to leave. Trapped inside the building, the teens cries for help bring a number of would-be rescuers -- obly to find that they too have become trapped inside the nightmarish structure.

The location for the haunted hospital for BOO! happens to be a real place, namely Linda Vista Hospital in Boyle Heights, California. Originally constructed in the 1880s, and then rebuilt in the 1920s, Linda Vista has been abandoned for years. Strewn about in its corridors are forgotten folders and paperwork, dangling lights and worthless medical furniture and equipment. It seemed a perfect place to film a ghost story.

"People constantly shoot in this hospital and that was actually one of the first ideas that went into the idea of doing the script there was all this interesting production design that was going on," Ferrante explains about his choice for BOO! location. "I figured, if I was going to do a low-budget movie as a first feature everybody said, make it one location. So this became the one location."

The producer of BOO! is David E. Allen (DOG SOLDIERS). Due to the success of Allen's werewolves-meets-soldiers picture, the producer formed a specialty arm of his film production company to specialize in crafting new horror films. BOO! will be the first release under Allen's newly minted Graveyard Filmworks banner; other horror-themed projects are in various stages of development.

Right now BOO! is in post-production and a final cut should be assembled sometime next month. After that the plan is to find a distributor to pick up the film so everyone can see it. As time marches by the online news department of CINESCAPE will make sure that we continue to tap BOO!'s writer/director on the shoulder so that we can stay informed on the latest developments. For now, enjoy the creepy photographs!

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