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EXCLUSIVE: DreamWorks Wants Greengrass for BLACKBEARD

A Bourne take on the pirate Blackbeard

By Jarrod Sarafin     September 22, 2008

An engraving of Blackbeard the Pirate(1734).
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When Variety reported back in May that DreamWorks was looking into bringing a Blackbeard movie to the big screen, there were a few intriguing possibilities thrown into the equation for Pirate movie fans everywhere. Unlike Disney's very successful Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, the word came down the wires that this look into the life of British buccaneer Edward Teach would incorporate a more serious R-rated take into the world of piracy and less of the fantasy elements that we received out Disney.

Producer Barry Josephson was said to be on board alongside motivational speaker and former Philadelphia 76ers president/co-owner Pat Croce, who wrote "Pirate Soul," a book that chronicled the golden era of piracy, which spanned 1690-1730. David Franzoni
(Gladiator, Amistad) was said to be aboard as screenwriter.

We've heard very little since that announcement until now.


A source has informed Mania that the Blackbeard film is still moving forward with
Paul Greengrass, the man behind Universal’s successful Bourne Supremacy, Bourne Ultimatum and United 93, leading the short list of candidates to direct.

Franzoni's script is still in play here with producer Barry Josephson still backing the writer's take on the subject. As far as story is concerned, here's what the plot centers on.

Plot Concept:
Edward Teach is in the employ of Britains royal navy and fought for the queen in the War of Spanish Succession.  During that time he had a protege who served with him as his first mate.  When Britain withdrew from the war in the early 1700's, many men of the royal navy were disavowed.  Teach, feeling betrayed and without a country to call his own, turned to piracy.  With many of his disavowed sea fairing comrades, he took a ship and using his honed skills and intimate knowledge of the navy's shipping routes and pots, began exacting his revenge.

Becoming an increasing threat, the British navy directed Teach's old protege, now a captain, to hunt down Blackbeard and put an end to his tyranny.  For the most part the story will be based on some truth but the protégé subplot is completely made up and, if successful, will be used again.

When we receive further updates, we'll pass it along.


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hanso 9/22/2008 1:27:44 PM
Ridley Scott would've been nice for this. Don't know about Greengrass, I like his films but don't know if his style is up for this. I wants PotC 4. Sparrow & Barbosa after the fountain of youth sounds good to me.
almostunbiased 9/22/2008 1:44:05 PM
Greengrass is no Scott, but I like him. I love Piraty movies so bring this on.
AMiSHPiRATE 9/22/2008 1:48:25 PM
Avast! All of this has happened before, and `twill happen again!
Hobbs 9/22/2008 3:55:09 PM
I hope they do go for a hard R movie. We need to stop making these Pirates out to be heroes and show what they really were, murderers and rapist...and yes, Blackbeard was all those things unless you watch the Disney version of him. Arrrrrrr!!!!
LittleNell1824 9/23/2008 5:35:48 AM
Did you see how many pistols Blackbeard was wearing in that engraving? LoL I guess a pirate can't be too prepared for a fight.
AMiSHPiRATE 9/23/2008 6:14:56 AM
Arrr, scurvy dog, LittleNell! Blackbeards pistols hold but a single bullet each! When czarist scum comes at ye, ye can'nae be fuddling around reloading.
Pendragon0 9/23/2008 1:52:27 PM
As a North Carolina native, I'm excited by this one. Blackbeard is not only the posterboy for piracy, he was OUR pirate. But personally I'd rather see a movie about Black Bart Roberts. Much more bad ass than Blackbeard.


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