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Ex-HELLBLAZER writer talks about CONSTANTINE movie

Scribe Warren Ellis tells what he thinks of Keanu Reeves

By Patrick Sauriol     August 26, 2003
Source: Bad Signal

One of the former gigs for comic book writer Warren Ellis was working on Vertigo's HELLBLAZER, the comic that's the basis for Warner Bros. upcoming CONSTANTINE movie starring Keanu Reeves. Ellis publishes a e-newsletter to his fans, BAD SIGNAL, and this week he talked about a chance meeting with one of the film's stars as well as what he thinks about the choice of Reeves for the title role.

Ellis had a chance meeting with actress Tilda Swinton who is contemplating taking the role of the archangel Gabriel in the picture. The two of them began discussing the movie, the comic series and the character Swinton may be playing. "She said something I found fascinating: in an America where a president again invokes the term Evil in public statements, there's the potential to say something very interesting in a major-studio film about Biblical good and evil," comments Ellis in his newsletter. "To present the angel Gabriel as a figure of horror; there's space to say something that in the mainstream of American culture is certainly subversive. She characterised Reeves as an intelligent, 'spiritual' man, and thinks there might be the possibility, with Reeves there, to do something challenging."

"This, by the way, is the answer to the almost-daily emails asking what I think of Keanu Reeves cast as Constantine," continues the writer. "First; the film is never going to be the same as the comic. American or English, the film will succeed if it's true to the core of the man, because that's what hooks people into the book. Nicolas Cage, I maintain, would have made a good Constantine because he can do the ravaged, shattered side of the man. I think Reeves is an interesting choice because he can get at the other part of Constantine, the part that demands social justice and exists in ethical turmoil."

CONSTANTINE begins lensing next month for a September 2004 release.

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