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Cheesey1 12/30/2009 8:09:02 PM

JF, yeah man I understand the "too good to be true" feeling, but these are great times for comic book films and just the whole concept of Marvel Studios and the way they approach Marvel's characters is perfect.  I'm just sitting back and enjoying the ride.

SONYMANswallows 12/30/2009 10:36:11 PM

BLADE, Falcon, TOMBSTONE, Storm and Bishop are all biger than War Machine. Rhodes may have been around for awhile but he is 2nd tier.  Thank Favreau for giving him recognition and Cheadle for being a better fit. Is Barracuda mentioned?







axia777 12/30/2009 10:58:37 PM

Well, as long as the Marvel/Disney people make any cartoon as good as the Marvel Animated movies then I am 100% STOKED. If not then I am going to be disappointed. Why? To be bluntly honest I have to say that I have been SPOILED by the Marvel Animated movies to badly it is just awful. Well, so epically great it is awful I guess!

I have to say between Hulk VS Wolverine, the Invincible Iron Man, and Doctor Strange these have been the best Marvel movies to come out besides the live action Iron Man. They are better than everything hands down.

So bring on the toons Marvel and Disney!!! As long as the quality is up to the level.

axia777 12/30/2009 10:59:53 PM

Oh yah, and Thor sounds like it is going to kick ass.  I need to see a trailer first though before I can get really pumped.

Dazzler 12/31/2009 8:35:45 AM

Thor is going to be tricky I always say.  It needs to be the Shakespear of the Marvel set. 

Cheesey1 12/31/2009 1:58:18 PM

Blade 4 would definitely hit the spot.  I think they may have enough time to film before Wesley goes to jail ("Brooklyn's Finest" looks really solid) and there's a very slim chance that he may not serve any time. Just keep Goyer away from the director's chair.  I'd be happy if they let Norrington take a crack at it (Del Toro would be nice, but I don't see him finding the time with his busy schedule).

The Marvel animation has been really on point and improving with each release.  I just rewatched Hulk Vs. the other day.   Also the different Marvel series' on TV have been great.

axia777 12/31/2009 8:43:45 PM

I also wanted to say that the Marvel toon should not be any where near what the new Spider-Man and Iron Man toons are like.  The art style sucks, the writing sucks, they both just suck huge!  The old school Spider-Man toon from the 90's was way better than either of them put together.  They just nbeed to hire who ever did the Hulk VS movies to do TV toons for Marvel/Disney.

DeeJay4ADay 1/1/2010 1:16:44 PM

This is good news, though I suspect Iger isn't really showing his hand, as of yet. With a few exceptions, Marvel's characters arae likely going to get a lot more play in existing and emerging ancillary markets. The Bullpen has come a looooong way since the days when the Dazzler cross-promotion failed.

On top of that, in the next few years, I suspect that Disney is going to revolutionize the motion comics industry (expect to see more of these on platforms such as iTunes, in the coming years).

Were Marvel's top competitors smart, they'd be looking to form strategic partnerships which would allow their characters to be accessible on more platforms than currently the case. If they don't do so soon, the percieved valued of those characters will likely be declining soon,  Quite significantly.

WarCry 1/3/2010 2:21:24 AM

Marvel's top competitor is DC, owned and operated by Time Warner. I'm not sure what other partnership they could look for. Time Warner owns Cartoon Network, so they could flood the air with DC fair. They also have a TV Network that they co-own in the CW if you want live action. They have the TBS "superstation". Then you add in the WB animation studios...

Yeah, DC isn't hurting for opportunities to expand, just the guts to do it.....

DeeJay4ADay 1/4/2010 8:21:16 PM

WarCry... I was referring to the smaller publishers, as well (Dark Horse, Image, etc.), but I suppose I should have been a bit more precise and mentioned them all by name. I agree that Time Warner has multiple media platforms on which to promote their characters--- and also recognize the recent change in DC's leadership and structure that's supposed to bring this about. Unfortunately, they look to have some gaps/vulnerabilities in their infrastructure, and only time will reveal if they will make moves to close those gaps.

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