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The Expendables Action Figure Team

Our Team from the Toy Chest!

By Robert T. Trate     August 06, 2010

Toy Maniac gives the Expendables Action Figure Team
© Bob Trate


In honor of The Expendables, I thought I would dig into the toy chest and pull out my own crack team of "Expendables". The advantage of diving into the toy chest is that I am not limited to actor’s schedules, genres or even licensing. Here is Mania’s Expendables Action Figure Team. There are no genre or size limits when it comes to our imagination.
With only 8 main cast members on the Expendables team I too have limited myself to 8 members.
8. The Crazy Guy – Trap Jaw

Bad Ass Action Figure Team

Every team needs a guy that is over the edge and willing to do anything. Who better than an evil master of weaponry who’s right arm is a weapon? Oh and his mouth too. Trap Jaw standing next to you gives you a huge advantage. Those crazy eyes alone will scare most henchmen back into the woodwork.  
7. Heavy Weapons Specialist - Roadblock

Bad Ass Action Figure Team

Roadblock not only has big guns but carries them too. His rhyming even brings a bit of class to the team. The other benefit to having Roadblock on your Expendables is that he is a chef. After kicking some ass you want to eat a decent meal.
6. Communication Expert - Soundwave

Bad Ass Action Figure Team

Not only is Soundwave a kick ass communications expert he is also a master spy. Soundwave can break into anywhere and usually has some doofus take him right through the front gate. Those crazy cassettes inside of him only make him more valuable.
5. Demolition Expert - Firefly

Bad Ass Action Figure Team

He doesn’t say much and doesn’t have to. His actions speak loud enough and everyone listens when they go off. Dark and mysterious Firefly is the guy on the team that sits alone. You know why he is there and you’re cool with him having his alone time.
4. Fists of Fury - Syclone

Bad Ass Action Figure Team

There has to be one guy on the team that is unstoppable. When surrounded Syclone is just that. His hands are a blur as henchmen blindly rush to take him out. Did I mention he also flies?
3. Bad Ass Kung Fu Expert – Storm Shadow

Bad Ass Action Figure Team

There always needs to be an honorable man on a team like this. Storm Shadow has had his mental problems in the past but let’s take him from better days. He’s the perfect Ninja and the one guy who will keep the shadier members of the team in line.
2. Right Hand Man – Man-at-Arms

Bad Ass Action Figure Team

Every leader needs one man he can trust, a man who can do what ever it takes if one member of the team falls. Someone you can ride into hell with and expect to make it out alive. Man-at-Arms is that man.
1. Team Leader – Han Solo

Bad Ass Action Figure Team

With a group like these Expendables only one leader came to mind, Han Solo. Han is a leader who is both a little bit dirty and a little bit clean. Han Solo is both a scoundrel and a hero. You need that combination when trying to negotiate back alley deals and have the forethought to see the repercussions of the mission.
Do you have your own Expendables Team? Sound off below! Check out Robert’s A-Team of Action figures as well here.
Robert Trate writes two weekly columns for Mania the DVD Shopping Bag and the Toy Maniac. Robert also participates in a pod cast that reviews movies, comics and celebrates all things geek. Check it out at You’ve Got Geek on


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Darkknight2280 8/6/2010 4:34:45 AM

Heman and Optimus my opinion the King badass's of 80's action figures get hung out to dry huh? Other wise a great list!!

Rheul_home 8/6/2010 6:25:39 AM

Syclone? Pfft... Iron Fist

KidLo 8/6/2010 10:58:35 AM

What about Panthera?!

xenomorph 8/7/2010 7:35:41 PM

Storm Shadow? What about Snake Eyes?

Betenoire 8/9/2010 7:55:43 PM

From my collection I'd go:

8. Crazy Guy-Blitzwing from Transformers Animated. Three personalities and none particularly like each other and one is completely nuts.

7. Either the GP02 or ZZ Gundams. The later comes with a tom on gear and th former has a cannon that shoots nukes. Heavy Arms custom would also be in the running.

6 Can't argue this one, though I only have the old single cassette version.

5. Hard to argue this one as well. He makes things go boom really well.

4.Fists of Fury-Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star. Makes people heads explode with a single touch. Can't beat that.

3. Bad Ass Kung Fu Expert-Batman. It doesn't mater which figure (well, Michael Keaton didn't move much and I pay to watch Clooney get his ass kicked but other than that) who knows more martial arts than Batman?

2. Right Hand Man-Ash, Army of Darkness...thoguh he doesn't have one. When the chips are down worse things could happen then having Bruce Campbell at your back.

1. Team Leader-Hawkeye (either the Iron Man adventures one or the 8" Mego inspired one). Has played both fast and loose with the law in the past and lead Avengers teams. Plus dude can hold his own stareing at Captain America. You got to hand out props for that.



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