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Extermination ships

Survival horror comes to the Playstation 2

By James Stevenson     July 24, 2001
Source: Sony Computer Entertainment

Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that it has shipped EXTERMINATION to stores. Developed by Deep Space, the game is a result of the effort of the creator of MEGA MAN, GHOULS AND GHOSTS and TOMBA! and from the executive producer of BIOHAZARD.

"EXTERMINATION utilizes the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system's phenomenal power to fill environments with rich textures, fluidly animated creatures, unique gameplay elements and pulse-heightening music. Gamers will certainly appreciate the spectacular visual scenes, sophisticated weaponry and intense action," said Ami Blaire, director, product marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. "EXTERMINATION is like a suspenseful action movie that is going to test the mettle of even the most skilled player with its treacherous mutant creatures, plot twists, and terrifying gameplay."

The game revolves around a virus that can effect organic and inorganic objects. The action takes place at a U.S. military installation in Antartica. Your character must destroy the mutant virus before he becomes infected and mutates from it.

EXTERMINATION will be on store shelves tomorrow and has not be rated by the ESRB.  


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