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Failing at the Hype

James and Troy talk about which games they remember that fell short of their promise

By James Stevenson and Troy Roberts     March 12, 2004

In recent years, there have been a lot of games that I have highly anticipated that, unfortunately, just can't live up to the expectations that I put upon them. When I was younger it was games like SONIC AND KNUCKLES for the Genesis, anything for the Sega 32X, EVIL DEAD: HAIL TO THE KING and MORTAL KOMBAT MYTHOLOGIES: SUB-ZERO, both for the Playstation. But what stands out the most?

I honestly can say that SEAMAN for the Dreamcast is probably one of the most disappointing games that I have ever played. While talking to fish may not be something that a lot of people find interesting, I thought the game would be this fun leap in technology. Unfortunately, it turned out to be one of the biggest wastes of money that I can remember. Sure, the fish understand about 10 words and babble on about nothing, but I was expecting some type of significance in these conversations. Instead, what I got was the feeling of wasted cash and some dead fish.

Before I state the next one, this is just an opinion, so don't bash me. But I was a bit disappointed with DIABLO II. Hey, yeah, I know it's one of the so-called greatest games ever, but I didn't think the game was better than the first. Then again, I played the first one for two years straight so I was bound for disappointment sooner or later. TR

Disappointing games? Thanks to Troy for all of the hard questions he comes up with this stuff while I'm out doing stuff. Easily a huge disappointment for me was DEVIL MAY CRY 2. The game should have been so much better but it seemed like Capcom forgot everything that made the first game great.

Another game that let me down in a major way was STAR FOX ADVENTURES. Recently it seems as if Rareware has been losing its touch. I think Nintendo selling off the former great might have been a good thing, the company seems to be past its prime.

Just about any recent STAR WARS game (KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC excepted) has been pretty disappointing. I remember the game with that was a vehicular combat game, DEMOLITION, or the sort of fun CLONE WARS. Even the latest ROGUE SQUADRON game, REBEL STRIKE, wasn't up to snuff.

I guess I play a lot of disappointing games but they fade from my mind quickly as I play a lot of the great games. Disappointing ones just fade into eternity.


NINJA GAIDEN may lose some of its violence for its European release... CARMAGEDDON may be returning soon... DOOM III will have a co-op only mode on the Xbox... EA will be bringing out games based on THE GODFATHER... Take-Two will be publishing MAX PAYNE 3... SLY 2: BAND OF THIEVES has been announced by Sucker Punch and Sony Computer Entertainment...




nice week for gamers. The long anticipated UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 is released this week for the PC, along with HARVEST MOON: A WONDERFUL LIFE for the GameCube, Namco's big hit BREAKDOWN for the Xbox and LORDS OF THE REALM III for the PC.

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