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  • Region: All Region DVD
  • Released By: Crunchyroll
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  • Series: Fairy Musketeers

Fairy Musketeers Episode #02

By Bryan Morton     February 11, 2009
Release Date: December 31, 2008

Fairy Musketeers
© TV Tokyo

What They Say
Join Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Blair Rose from Sleeping Beauty as they are appointed to be guardians of a sealed key which could control a parallel universe inhabited by characters of well-known fairy tales. A rebel clan, lead by a she-devil Cinderella, desperately searches for the key. Cinderella, with her magical power, finally tracks the key down in the real world where we live and sends her gang over. To protect Sota, a tenderhearted boy who keeps the sealed key in his body, three Musketeers travel from the parallel world. They make a vow to destroy Cinderella's evil plot.

The Review!
When your wannabe-girlfriend finds that another girl has stayed the night, you just know you're going to be in trouble.  I sense a short, sharp pain in Souta's future…

Souta runs into a spot of bother when Ringo pays her usual morning visit - and finds Red Riding Hood's stayed the night.  Convinced he's shacked up with a cosplay freak, she wants answers, and wants them now.  Finding a talking wolf also in the house (Val) doesn't help her mood, and neither does the way Red Riding Hood dodges some of her questions about where they came from and why they're here.  Now that they're in Elde, though, Red Riding Hood and Val are determined to see the sights (and sample the food - lots of the food).  Back in Phandavale, Randaigo continues his attempts to track Souta down again, and an unfortunate on-camera incident by Val makes finding him a whole lot easier...

It takes Ringo a while to weasel the truth out of Red Riding Hood about her reasons for being in Elde, the world of technology, but she gets there eventually, and surprisingly believes Red's tale of having come from another world.  This episode also sees the arrival of Snow White, who's far more the lady than Red Riding Hood and brings her own dynamic to the group.  All the girls seem to be after Souta in their own way, so in between the fantasy / magical girl elements there's a healthy dose of harem as well.

The end result works well, perhaps surprisingly so.  I've always been wary of game-to-anime conversions as they so often end up missing "something", but Fairy Musketeers hangs together really well.  It's well presented, reasonably well written and has a cast of characters that are so cute you can't help but love 'em.  The themes and character dymanics aren't anything really original, but then this show is really aimed at a younger audience that aren't going to be looking for originality or creativity – they just want something that entertains, and that's something that Fairy Musketeers handles without breaking into a sweat.  All that's needed now is to get away from the introductions – which I suspect aren't quite done yet – and get into the "real" story.

In Summary:
I can see Fairy Musketeers filling the "guilty pleasure" slot in my viewing schedule that was once filled by the likes of Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura - while I doubt that the series will end up on quite the same level as those two shows, it's certainly not lacking on the entertainment front.  Roll on the next episode.

Japanese Language, English Subtitles

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