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Hobbs 9/5/2012 6:05:15 AM

The way you describe Revolution sucks, turn the power back on to save civilization?  I hope that's not really the premise.  This is the only new show I'm interested in seeing.

Ten seasons for Supernatural, wow.  I think it should have ended with season five but hey they'll be able to say they lasted as long as X-Files and were just as bad as X-Files at the end.

Wiseguy 9/5/2012 6:32:33 AM

This list makes me realize how little serialized tv I watch.

Walking Dead is the only thing I watch without fail. Star Wars I try to catch and American Horror Story left me a bit "meh" so this season is still up in the air

Will probably give Arrow a shot but everything else bears no interest


CaptAmerica04 9/5/2012 8:14:21 AM

 If "Arrow" is DC's best bet to save itself in the face of the Marvel onslaught... then they should just go ahead and sell the rights to all Justice League characters to Marvel right now.  That show looks AWFUL, and is a COMPLETE contradiction to everything that Marvel has shown to be the keys to great comic properties on a big or small screen.  (You know, things like: costumes, super powers, faithfulness to source material, etc.)

karas1 9/5/2012 9:01:21 AM

Hobbs, I'm really enjoying Supernatural.  They have been coming up with creative ways to continue the story and it hasn't bored me yet.

jedibanner 9/5/2012 9:16:00 AM

Really, they are making an American version of Sherlock???? It cannot beat the original which is so well written and acted, no interest in this whatsoever.

CaptAmerica04, Arrow is a cool show to watch (saw the pilot at the Fan Expo in Toronto). They are going a bit more mature and the tone was different then the Smallville series.

They are obviously going a bit further from the original comic character but it's the Green Arrow, not Superman...it's about a guy who shoots arrow so, they seemed to keep that in mind and just bring lots of different stories so on that one, I am interested in trying this new show for sure.

Revolution, saw the pilot also and this one is a bit more for ''tweens'' IMO...the young girl in the show is just very annoying and following the usual ''angry teen who needs to avenge something with attitude while being remorsfull and intraverted'', been there done that. MINOR SPOILER: what bugged me about the show is that they skipped the years where things blacked out, it jumps 15 years in the future (but rest assure, they go abck and forth from the time it happened to their present time but still). It's obvious they will do ''flashbacks'' in the show which in a way didn't feel too original and may be the undoing of the show, again, IMO.


DarthBob 9/5/2012 9:35:25 AM

This list is why I don't watch very much TV; it's mostly garbage.  I'll be watching football, Who and Walking Dead and that's about it.  Poor Gus got whacked on BB then reincarnated on Revolution; this series looks downright awful.  Might try to catch Arrow if there is some positive buzz after the show airs.

@hobbs...X-files was great television then something happened with the writing and the show just fell off a cliff; I guess they just ran out of good ideas.  The last handful of episodes were almost unwatchable.

ztigr 9/5/2012 10:34:50 AM

 How can Grimm not be on this list?  Its a damn good show.

jedibanner 9/5/2012 1:14:34 PM

Damm Darthbob....nice picture.

phantomx69 9/5/2012 1:47:43 PM

arrow has no super powers, he is a vigilante, and marvels movies suck, and they don't stick by source material, captain america running around with out a mask , hawkeye they never attempted to conceal his identity, iron man revealed himself to everyone, please modern drivel.

phantomx69 9/5/2012 1:50:14 PM

where is PERSON OF INTEREST, only the best show on tv , CBS gets it the rest of the networks don't, arrow was almost at CBS wish they would have gotten it.

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