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hanso 5/17/2013 2:09:13 PM

 Hey Trate, what about OUAT?  Answer us!

hanso 5/17/2013 2:11:45 PM

 CaptAmerica, the Dancing With the Stars results will no longer air.  This season will be the last time, next season a format change is coming to the show but they havent said what it is.  Regardless, the Shield show is taking its place on Tuesday.


monkeyfoot 5/17/2013 2:26:48 PM

If they decide to do it, a reviewer will probably have to get the DVDs of the past seasons to get up to speed on OUAT.

raynardmuldrake 5/17/2013 2:44:41 PM

so..supernatural on tuesdays now...and revolution and arrow on at the same time. goddammit..i'm gonna have to invest in a DVR i see.

isgrimner 5/17/2013 2:52:24 PM

All a reviewer needs is Netflix or maybe Amazon Prime to catch up on all the eps of OUAT before the new season starts.  That's how I found it.  I subscribed to Netflix streaming last year thinking the new eps of Arrested Develepment were already on there and ended up keeping it, and by the end of the month I'll see all those eps too.

ddiaz28 5/17/2013 4:08:47 PM

I hate that Hannibal is still not on the schedule.  They have got to renew that show!

mellowdoux 5/17/2013 10:15:05 PM

 Mr. Trate... you're overlooking a very important one on that list!

The Tomorrow People

This is a remake of a British SF series that I grew up with as a kid in the '70s. Its about a group of people who are the next level in human evolution. They all possess remarkable powers and battle to keep humanity safe from earthbound threats and extraterrestrial ones also.

The original series had cheesy fx but the stories were awesome. I suspect this will be of huge interest to Mania fans.

Wiseguy 5/18/2013 5:30:52 AM

I'll agree with hanso on OUAT. I think the show's mediocre but it's entertaining. I'm on and off with it but if it got reviewed it may hold my interest more.

Don't really care for much else to be honest.

Can we keep reviewing Game of Thrones during the other 42 weeks is off the air?

blankczech 5/18/2013 8:47:43 AM

 Rob I'd welcome anything you want to follow / review that is smart, interesting and well written.  

The Genre stuff is a bunch of bullsh*t in my opinion.  Every TV show fits into one genre or another.

You can take any old western, crime or war drama and change it into a genre piece with a lttle make-up, special effects, and spandex.

 Most of the shows that pass themselves off as sci-fi, fantasy, horror, anime, super heroes etc. all really fall under one genre....Action.

 It's the tired old predictable good guys vs. bad guys, beat em up, shoot em up,  formula I've been watching for half a century.



karas1 5/18/2013 9:24:22 AM

You might want to review Grimm.  That show is kicking ass.  Also, definitely Once Upon a Time.

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