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Fallen angel found for CONSTANTINE?

A heavenly actress to play archangel Gabriel?

By Patrick Sauriol     August 25, 2003
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

According to Monday's The Hollywood Reporter, actress Tilda Swinton (ORLANDO, ADAPTATION) may be shortly hired to play the part of the angel Gabriel in the supernatural thriller CONSTANTINE. Keanu Reeves plays the anti-hero and last week Rachel Weisz was cast in the picture's lead female role, Angela.

If you're not up on your HELLBLAZER comic mythology, in the series Gabriel was a member of the heavenly host who resides on Earth and lives the life of a snobbish, upper-class citizen. Spending most of his time in an exclusive London gentlemen's club, Gabriel had an antagonistic relationship (at best) with John Constantine. Constantine used Gabriel, with or without his endorsement, on a number of his endeavors.

At first appearance a female would seem to be the wrong choice to play a character that's been depicted as male in the HELLBLAZER comics. However, Swinton herself has an interesting appearance that makes her almost otherworldly. She could prove to be an excellent choice for the character -- if she can close her deal.

CONSTANTINE is scheduled to begin filming next month.

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