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Game of Thrones: The Mountain and the Viper Review (Article) - 6/2/2014 1:12:29 PM

As someone who has yet to read the books (Regardless of how long it takes, I will watch the show to its completion first then immediately devour the books after), I must say during the fight I was like yeah he's going to beat the mountains ass. Then about a minute before the 'smooshing' I was like... no wait this is something Martin wrote, Tyrion is not getting off this easy... and then.. bam Trainwreck complete.

The Walking Dead: The Grove Review (Article) - 3/17/2014 6:05:34 PM

Carol is hardly Ice Cold, if she were she would not have been tearing up during the 'execution' scene. When Rick decided to become farmer fran she took it upon herself to start making the hard decisions, she does it for the greater good.

I am guessing the burning was the house Daryl and Beth had set on fire.

Mania Review: Getaway (Article) - 8/31/2013 7:51:13 PM

So, in other words, the only improvement to this movie would be a man in a jumpsuit and two robots cracking wise at each scene...

Bret McKenzie for Muppet Type Fantasy Film (Article) - 8/8/2013 9:27:16 PM

I am always up for anything Labyrinth style, still one of my favorite movies of all time. I always thought a tv show based around the goblins and Labyrinth creatures would have been a lot of fun. Will be interested to see how this developes.

Mania Review: The Wolverine (Article) - 7/26/2013 9:38:31 PM

Just got back from it. Yeah it was awesome. Wiped the taste of Wolverine Origins completely out of my mouth.

OLDBOY 2013 Poster (Article) - 7/10/2013 6:56:44 PM

Mania you guys are really falling behind on updating news. The first trailer has been up and on pretty much every other new site for hours now...

First Hercules: The Thracian Wars Photo (Article) - 7/10/2013 6:55:20 PM

This is based on a comic series I read a few years back by Radical Publishing. I enjoyed it myself, whether its any good on screen, well we shall see.

NEW Ichabod Promo (Article) - 7/10/2013 6:52:53 PM

Looks alot better than the first footage I saw from it.. however.. FOX.. so, yeah.

HANNIBAL: AMUSE-BOUCHE Review (Article) - 4/16/2013 10:24:04 AM

Loving this show and the *mushroom garden* was really disturbing.

Mania Box Office Report: Hail to the Dead Baby! (Article) - 4/8/2013 10:48:05 AM

Enjoyed the remake quite a bit, which is not something I can always say about these revisited franchises. Glad it took the top spot for the weekend. Ended up rewatching Evil Dead 1-2 the night after for comparison since its been awhile. I do like alot of the differences between the two. I am definately down for another Evil Dead by the same director. But yeah, lets bring on Army of Darkness 2 already also!


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