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elrushbo 4/22/2014 5:45:04 PM

 Twelve episodes this sesson. Walking dead only 14 but split up seems longer

rkngl 4/23/2014 2:31:35 AM

 I watch this show. I love this show. Its fantastic, keeps me glued to the TV set from beginning to end. Lacks more zombies though. And maybe a few aliens thrown to the mix, that would be nice. Not like that "Falling Skies" crap they keep producing!

wrrlykam 4/23/2014 2:55:39 AM

It seemed to have an odd start. It kind of felt that you had missed an earlier episode after watching the pilot. The web comics helped fill that gap some what. Only on season one so far.

wish 4/23/2014 4:43:27 AM

This show is great!  It's the perfect show for the summer season, it's short in eps at 10 and it's gotten significantly better over the course of it's run.  Consistently great performances from the leads in Noah Wylie, Moon Bloodgood and Will Patton.  Some of the kids started out a little wooden but they've all improved steadily.  I really like where this show started, after the apocalypse with the characters barely aware of who and what attacked them and living on the run, squatting where they can and scavenging for food.  A lot has happend since then and I think it'll be around for a few more seasons. 

It's not quite premium television, some of the prodution values are excellent and some are not, the writing is mostly good but some of the tangent ideas have been weak and or boring, not enough to do serious damage but it's the real reason the show isn't in the upper class. 

I personally quite enjoy it and I'm looking forward to season 4!

6dra6on6 4/23/2014 12:03:44 PM

I really enjoy it and I'm surprised it's still on because it's been so long since the last season I thought it was cancelled. Also, since the seasons are so far apart I'm having trouble remembering where the last season left off. Getting older sucks!

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