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DarkXid 3/30/2011 5:14:42 AM

Ahh, Caveman my gripe always went one step further in Star Wars.  We have a giant world destroying space station that evidently is capable of hyperspace travel.  Why didn't it just warp in next to the moon with the base and then blow it up.  No orbiting, no planets in the way.  I mean, it traveled between STAR SYSTEMS!  And a planet got in it's way.  Well, that's my take.

DarkXid 3/30/2011 5:25:53 AM

As far as the Dark Knight goes.  I work in a hospital, people are generally freaking clueless as to what is going on around them. Even (well especially) security.  Only Exceptions: Sterile enviroments (OR, Sterile Proccessing) where you have to suit up, if you do you look like everyone else - then they ignore you - but EVERYONE suits up.  Maint, housekeeping, docs, staff, nurses.  When they do it's hard to tell a surgeon from a nurse, from the guy who is there to fix the sink.  Though he would probably be carrying tools.

Mother/Baby unit.  Where the newborns are born and stay is kept locked down.  The nurses challenge everyone who comes through.  Even each other.  They are paranoid.  Might have problems.

But dress as a maintenance worker, maybe an outside contracter and nobody would question you unless you start disrupting their workspace.  It'd toatally be possible to get bombs into places.  Especially if you had henchmen to do it while everybody was panicking.  Plus if you disguised it as new medical equipment you could get it into place easier.

Guy in face paint....might be recognized anywhere though.....but again....people are generally clueless.


rogue188 3/30/2011 6:06:06 AM

Yavin had several moons, and the gravity well of a gas giant makes it kind of hard to just jump in exactly. Also, I don't think the Death Stor could destroy said gas giant. Its much too big.

ironman28 3/30/2011 6:06:24 AM

I'm going to nerd out a bit on the SW plot hole debate. In the SW universe, hyperspace travel has become commonplace but is still pretty dangerous. It requires intense calculations to navigate through/past star systems to avoid gravitational wells that would prematurely end ones journey. As such, safe hyperspace travel routes have been mapped out and are commonly used by all navigating craft to travel between star systems. Since the gas giant Yavin would most certainly cast a larger gravity well than the small moon harboring the Alliance base, the Death Star would be forced to exit hyperspace farther out and travel in at sub-light speeds. Additionally, their point of origin might have only given them one arrival vector, again forcing them to orbit the planet to get at the moon.

I have to agree though with the previous argument about why they didn't just blow up the gas giant? The explosion would most likely have wiped out the small moon and everything on it. Maybe they weren't sure the laser was powerful enough to take out something that big?

In any case, it wouldn't have been very dramatic if the Death Star just flew in and wiped everything out and no one stood a fighting chance against it.

Bryzarro 3/30/2011 6:11:10 AM

 My point in Signs was even if they weren't near the water did the aliens not know we get RAIN for pete's sake.  I mean that could have just wiped them out to start with anyways.  Running around in cornfields and stuff.  I just would have waited till the weather turned.

Jakester 3/30/2011 6:20:21 AM

Hanso, the Udvar-Hazy center is the Air & Space Museum to which you're referring.  It's probably 30 minutes west of Vienna, VA.  There are no mountains.  It's literally just south of the airport.  Without bad traffic (unpossible in the NoVA area), Dulles airport is maybe 40 minutes west of DC.  Sure, you can continue west or southwest get to the Appalachians, but that's probably another hourlong drive.

Ryodin 3/30/2011 6:26:51 AM

I was thinking along the same lines as Rogue. Blowing up a rocky, Earth-like planet like Alderaan is one thing . . . but the Death Star blowing up a huge Jovian gas giant like Yavin might be too much of a stretch. Those suckers give off HUGE amounts of radiation, not to mention the rather large gravity well they produce. I would imagine both factors would play havoc on a super death laser's cohesion. And for obvious reasons, the Empire would probably not broadcast the limitations of their super duper secret new planet killer to everyone. Probably Alderaan was the limit of the DS's capabilities at that point in its operation.

Also, perhaps getting in close enough for the laser to effectively blow up such a huge gas giant like Yavin might have resulted in the Death Star getting caught up in the blast radius, too.

So I think the far safer bet was to just wait for the fourth moon to come into range. Makes sense to me. Plus, also, the superb explanation provided by ironman28.

HotDogs 3/30/2011 6:28:00 AM

What about Terminator 2.  The movie started with a plot hole.

Hobbs 3/30/2011 6:48:40 AM

Caveman, darkxid had a better question I can't answer but they didn't blow up the moon because they didn't need to.  Remember they never thought the rebels were a threat so what's the rush in blowing it up?  So i can buy that but why they didn't just come out of hyperspace on the other side of the moon is a good question...maybe someone came out too close to the moon or something or made their calculations wrong?  The Empire seemed to be full of morons so it's possible.

lusiphur 3/30/2011 6:51:39 AM

Great list and a really fun read.

 I always thought the reason they didn't blow up the planet to expose the moon was it would take too long to recharge the giant frikkin' laser.  So they waited because waiting was actually faster than shoot-recharge-shoot-again.

I agree completely with the Signs problem.  That and it just wasn't scary.  They advertised it that way and I knew people who thought it was.  But it was nothing more than a family crisis drama with some aliens thrown in.  Bad.  Just bad.

Don't bring up Inception.  As much as  I liked the movie, it still makes my head hurt.  And debating it only makes it worse.

@HotDogs - which plot hole was that in T2?

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