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Fans Set To Spoon Fox Over Tick Cancellation

By Rob M. Worley     January 11, 2002

After days ofrumors official word came down from the Hollywood trades that the fan-favoriteTV series The Tick would not run beyond the January 24th episode.The news that Fox is canceling the show has been upsetting for fans who love theshow.

The Tick facedan uphill battle being stuck in a killer time-slot. Furthermore there seemed tobe little attempt by Fox to help the show by pairing it with a lead-in like TheSimpsons (i.e. a highly-rated show that targeted a similar audience).

But the fanshave a voice and a spoon and it's time for them to use that voice and rally tothe aid of the big blue bug of justice and his bunny-eared buddy! 

Letter-writingcampaigns have been key in saving shows from Cagney and Lacey to Roswell.We don't need to mention that it was fan-letters that saved the original StarTrek TV series and propelled it on to the legendary status it enjoystoday.

Comics2Filmencourages any fans who would like to save The Tick to join in the"Spoon Fox" campaign. We ask that you send a letter (yes one of thosepaper and ink things) to the network asking for the reinstatement of the show.

Everyone knowsthat Tick's battle cry is "Spooooon!" So too shall itbe ours. To emphasize our point, we ask that fans enclose a spoon (even aplastic one...preferably a blue plastic one) in the envelope with your letter.

Fans can addresstheir polite but assertive demands to:

Sandy Grushow
Chairman of Fox TV Entertainment Group
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Building 100, Room 5110
Los Angeles, CA  90035

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