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FANTASTIC FOUR casting rumors...and our own too

Who will play Marvel's first family?

By Patrick Sauriol     July 06, 2004
Source: Lying in the Gutters, Dark Horizons, Latino Review, anonymous

Makoto Nakatsuka's cover for MARVEL AGE: FANTASTIC FOUR.
© Marvel Comics
Rumors continue to swirl about which actors may be leading candidates for roles in the live-action FANTASTIC FOUR movie, to be directed by Tim Story (BARBERSHOP). We ourselves have contributed to the cyclone by publishing a report last April that actress Christina Milian (BE COOL) was up for the part of the Invisible Woman in the film, followed by another scoop in May that actor Cliff Curtis had auditioned for a part in the film.

Other sites have had their share of FF casting buzz. Latino Review was the first to mention Kate Bosworth as Sue Storm, and then they dropped Chris Evans (CELLULAR) name as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch into the mix; Ioan Gruffodd (KING ARTHUR) hinted that he may be a player for Reed Richards; and Rachel McAdams (THE NOTEBOOK) said she had a copy of the script and was reading it. It seems that all of young Hollywood is up for a role in FANTASTIC FOUR.

And now there's two more names to add to the long list of candidates. Yesterday in Lying in the Gutters, comic book columnist Rich Johnson said that he's heard Elisha Cuthbert (24) has won the part of Sue Storm in the movie. This is the first mention of Cuthbert, but we know that she is to have a reduced role in the upcoming fourth season of 24 -- possibly opening the door for her to play Sue Storm, yes?

And then we too also received a new tip about an actor that's not been mentioned before. The latest scoop came anonymously and thus without any means to ID the scooper or prove their story. Because of this we must caution readers that this latest rumor could be false.

According to our anonymous scooper, David Boreanaz (ANGEL) also met with the FANTASTIC FOUR creative team. What role Boreanaz may be up for wasn't known by the scooper.

Producer Avi Arad recently told the press that casting announcements for FANTASTIC FOUR should be made shortly. Arad made the statement before the release of SPIDER-MAN 2 and said that a decision was coming around the last week of June. Nothing so far has been heard.

If the scooper that sent us the Boreanaz casting rumor wishes to contact us again, please consider using a codename and further information about your scoop. As always, all information given by our contacts and scoopers will remain completely confidential.

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