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FANTASTIC FOUR SCOOP: Some Thing to talk about

Spy photos from the set of FANTASTIC FOUR -- and an eyewitness description of The Thing!

By Patrick Sauriol     September 16, 2004
Source: Anonymous

A snapshot of workmen constructing the Kirby Gallery set for the FANTASTIC FOUR movie. A bust of The Thing is visible in the store window.
© Corona's Coming Attractions / Cinescape
With filming well underway on 20th Century Fox's FANTASTIC FOUR movie, our network of spies have been hard at work digging up whatever facts we can land about the production. We were the first to tell you about a set that was to be constructed at a parking lot in downtown Vancouver, and today we're able to deliver to you photos of that location -- as well as shots of the art gallery which prominently displays a bust of The Thing! And to top it off, we also have a scoop report from yesterday's filming and an eyewitness description of the heroic character that everyone wants to know looks like -- The Thing!

For the past two weeks the movie's art department has been working on creating an abandoned, rusted out gas station-turned-art gallery/garden on the corner of Pender and Richards streets in downtown Vancouver. Our photos show the construction of the corner gas station from its start as pieces of lumber to its final form. It's testament to the craftsmanship of the show's production team that the old gas station looks like it's been standing there for years when in fact there was nothing in that space mere days before.

Right next door to the old gas station the production has built a store exterior for the "Kirby Gallery", the art gallery where we're told the sculptures of blind artist Alicia Masters will be on display. As fans of Marvel's FANTASTIC FOUR comic well know, Alicia is an important supporting character in the comic book, one of the few people that are able to look past Ben Grimm's mutated rocky exterior and see the kind, gentle man underneath. During the course of the FANTASTIC FOUR movie, Ben/The Thing will first be introducted to Alicia's creations when he passes by the front of the gallery and spots a sculpture of his rocky visage displayed in the front window. Gripped by what he initially believes is someone trying to profit from his misfortune, The Thing enters the art gallery and has his encounter with Alicia. It's here that the seeds of their friendship are first planted.

The photo above shows the sculpture of The Thing displayed in the window of the Kirby Gallery. As with all our spy photos, you can see larger views of them by clicking on the image in question.

Yesterday the production filmed the scene where The Thing, wearing the character's trademark street guise of an overcoat and fedora, passes by the art gallery window and sees his sculpture. For those who have been curious to know how the character has been translated for the screen, the actual full body Thing costume is surprisingly small, sized a little larger than an average man's dimensions except for the character's hands and feet which are proportionally bigger than the body. While The Thing's physical appearance does closely resemble the character from the comics, such as the orange-hued skin coloring, the rock-like plate skin appears to have been toned down just a little for the movie incarnation. Judging from our eyewitness report, The Thing's plates appear to be more rounded in their shape and not as jagged or craggy as the more modern versions of the character in the comic book. Our eyewitness was reminded a bit of the early Jack Kirby FANTASTIC FOUR comics where The Thing looked more softer and organic and not as rock-like. Perhaps there's more to naming the building the Kirby Gallery than just the obvious nod to the co-creator of the comic.

At the start of the day's filming the crew seemed to wish to cover up the look of The Thing as the actor prepared to film his scenes (it's unknown if Michael Chiklis, who has been cast as The Thing, wore the bodysuit for these scenes or if a stunt person was inside the costume.) Crew members draped a cape over the actor as he made his way to the street set, but once filming was underway it was easy for anyone passing by to see The Thing suit in full.

Click on any of the photos below to see larger views of the FANTASTIC FOUR sets.

[Our thanks to anonymous!]

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