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'Fantastic Four''s Alicia pushed for realism in her character

    June 06, 2005
Source: www.blackfilm.com

"It was interesting because she's a love interest so obviously the producers wanted her to look beautiful, but I kept fighting for the reality of it. She's a blind [chick]. I wanted to make sure that I was wearing my hair curly as opposed to straight because I didn't want to set up this idea that this blind girl would be at home all morning blow-drying her hair," says actress Kerry Washington of her role as Alicia in the 'Fantastic Four' movie. "That just didn't seem realistic to me. I wanted to wear my hair the way it is when it's wet. She's also an artist and the voice in the film that that sort of encourages The Thing to be different and not be afraid of being unique. I wanted to make her the funky art student so I watched a lot of art students in New York to see what the style was that girls would walk around in. There were a lot of fashion students and art students who weren't afraid of being different. Along with the costume designer, we tried to pick a lot of her clothes based on intrinsic fabric. I imagine that when she shops, she would shop on how things felt to her; things that were interesting enough for her to wear."More...


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