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DaForce1 3/2/2011 1:04:32 AM

 Johnny's not dead. Annilhus captured him. It's a boring stunt we've all seen before, and that's why the sales for it didn't bump up as much as Marvel hoped it would.

Also, you ask why didn't Marvel just let the 'death' happen without fanfare? Because fanboys would have been pissed if they missed the opportunity to buy it (yes, even if they DIDN'T buy it). Again, it's happened in the past, so now comic companies telegraph who is going to die far in advance so that people can buy (or not) the issue. Same thing happened when Nightcrawler bit the dust last year.

ponyboy76 3/2/2011 2:24:45 AM

I fully agree with Chad. These deaths maybe be cliched and a ploy to boast sales but Marvel totally did this one right. The page with Ben beating on The Hulk and Thor shedding a tear really gets to you.  That was a great last issue.

Wiseguy 3/2/2011 5:31:23 AM

Ditto what pony said. Well done. 

I've been reading comic books for 30 years and I still find deaths in the superhero community emotional and important for the most part. I don't look for holes in the story or to how they plan on bringing said superhero back. Yeah we know they always come back but I focus on the moment and the story and enjoy it and I always have. Maybe I'm just lucky that I'm not as big a cynic as so many seem to be, God knows I would've stopped reading supers a long time if that was the case.

OmegaDean 3/2/2011 5:46:57 AM

@Wiseguy I with you (and Pony)... I've been reading comics for so long and when they do a death right OMG.  I remember when they killed Aunt May back in the clone saga.  Say what you will about the story arc, but Aunt May's death was so viceral.  I mean she acknowledge him as Spidey, told him good job and then the real Peter was outside and couldn't even go in... Wow.  So yeah death may be gimmicks, but if the sotry is right what the hell.  

I mean look at what Cap's death has garnered us.


jedibanner 3/2/2011 6:15:32 AM

Incredible Hulk #467, the death of betty Banner.

In those days, the internet wasn't as huge as what it is today so the surprise itself that first, Betty Banner dies was a huge surprise but also, the fact that Peter David was leaving the book after a record 12 year stunt on the character (with missing only 1 issue during this whole time), the blow itself was monumental.

And through his departure (which wasn't that amicable), the way he writes the tale of Rick Jones, 10 years in the future, explaining how he view her death and how Bruce Banner acted, reacted, how the hulk was affected, it was unbelievable.

And through Rich Jones, Peter David writes how he could tell so many more stories but sometimes, it's better to move on and let things be, just like death.

For me, that was the best death I've ever read in a comic to this day. Now, knowing in advance one character will die is just boring and has no affect for me. When Cap died, that was a surprise onto itself and was great, or how Chad put it, it was ''done right''.

I miss the 80's-90's era of comics without the web destroying the comics and rumors and spoilers...those were the days of our lives (cue Queen's classic).

8man 3/2/2011 7:56:58 AM

Buy the first 200 issues of Fantastic Four in compilations and re-read them once every couple of years. It's all you'll ever need and its as good as it gets....and will get.

HunterRose 3/2/2011 10:00:50 AM

Kudos to Wiseguy, I too have been reading comics for over 30 years. Yes I get tired of all the crossovers and gimmicks, but overall I share a bond with these characters as many of you do as well and whenever something like death happens it really tugs at the ol heart strings. Marvel also has to realize that sometimes these gimmicks will backfire at times. For example, my boycott of Spider-Man will continue until he and Mary Jane are back together. Why so stubborn? I grew up reading Spider-Man comics and I watched Peter go from a teenager to a happily married man before my eyes. I bonded with him and Mary Jane. I worried when Venom first appeared. I worried that Mary Jane would be taken away and break Peter's heart. So yeah, call me naive or stupid if you will, but I do care what happens to these characters.

P.S. Hey Marvel, you're slowly pricing yourself out of my budget while my DC pull list gets bigger. Just saying.


DougRed4 3/2/2011 11:45:49 AM

As another 30 year reader of comics, I have to agree/echo what so many have written. Johnny's death was handled well, and I think these things are acceptable as long as they're done right. I'm still bummed about Nightcrawler's death (wonder how long it will be until they bring him back?).

Gotta agree about the prices; Marvel especially is pricing themselves out of the market. I've just decided to scale way back, and may just drop all of my titles (and pick up the occasional thing in trade paperback).


freespirit 3/2/2011 9:54:24 PM

 I don't think this works well cause comics in general have done this too much.  Look at what they did with batman and captain america.  Made a huge deal over the 'deaths' of these iconic characters, and what do they do? Bring them back 6 months to a year later.  Its beating a dead gorse and ppl would expect this to be more of the same.



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