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  • Composed By: Leonard Rosenman
  • Distributor: LA-LA Land Records
  • Original Year of Release: 1966
  • Tracks: 13
  • Run Time: 47:50
  • Edition: 2000 Units
  • Series:

Fantastic Voyage: Limited Edition Soundtrack Review

Methodical and Creepy

By Robert T. Trate     January 27, 2014

Limited Edition Fantastic Voyage STK
© LA-LA Land Records
I am sad to say that it wasn’t until last October, 2013 that I had witnessed the splendor which is the Fantastic Voyage (1966). With a new Blu-ray release, from 20th Century Fox, I figured it was time to discover the film (see review here). When LA-LA Land Records announced their release of Leonard Rosenman’s score, I knew this was the perfect companion piece to follow up to that screening. After all, Fox saw to it that Rosenman’s music had an isolated track on the Blu-ray. That alone, for this soundtrack aficionado, made it worth listening to.
I knew of Leonard Rosenman and some of his scores for Hollywood. The score that I probably first heard of his, in the theater, was Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. The film is incredibly unorthodox in the Trek series. Rosenman, a personal friend of the film’s director, Leonard Nimoy, hired him for the project. He brought a new score to the film series to accompany the likes of Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, and Alexander Courage. Yet, it wasn’t until the very last track, “Optic Nerve / End Cast”, that I heard anything similar to Star Trek IV.

The appeal here for me was hearing a score so close to Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970).  Until recently, it was a long sought after score and Fantastic Voyage was only four years prior. The comparisons are all there, much like listening to Danny Elfman’s Planet of the Apes (see review) and his Spider-Man scores. Clearly, Roseman was in a mindset to establish moody pieces where heroes would be exploring the unknown. Much like Brent and Nova discovering the underground city in Beneath, the Proteus in Fantastic Voyage is set on a similar path, all thanks to the music which Roseman composed.

The down side for this score is that it generally all sounds the same. This works for the film. It is one long mission to save a man’s life. There are mysteries and perils to overcome for our characters, but no grand battles or chases. Roseman does keep us on the edge of each of those discoveries with his pieces. In having the film present itself in this matter, the score is one where it doesn’t bare repeating as a whole. This is a score to have on shuffle in your iPod and marvel at its wonder, only because so many of the tracks do sound the same. 
Roseman has quite a few fine credits to his filmography, many of which need new releases in our modern era where soundtracks are not nearly as celebrated as they once were. Thankfully, companies like LA-LA Land Records exist and scores such as Fantastic Voyage can live again on CD. 

Track Listing: 
 1. Main Title - Sound Effects Suite 1:45
 2. The Proteus 6:01 (listen here)
 3. The Chart 5:34
 4. Pulmonary Artery 5:39
 5. Group Leaves 2:53 (listen here)
 6. Pleural Cavity :22
 7. Proteus Moving Through Sac 4:54
 8. Channel to Ear 2:43
 9. Cora Trapped 4:15 (listen here)
10. Proteus in Inner Ear :48
11. The Human Brain 1:55
12. Get the Laser 7:21 (listen here)
13. Optic Nerve / End Cast 3:38

Copies are available at LA-LA Land Records HERE

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