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Box Office Finals

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Fantasy Films Remain on Top

By Steve Biodrowski     December 05, 2000

This weekend's box office fall well short of the Thanksgiving bonanza, but for the most part it lived up to yesterday's studio estimates for the Top Ten, with only Unbreakable falling about half a million short of predictions. That news was hardly bad, however, as the film was still #2 for the weekend, earning $14.44-million, and boosting its total to $66.35-million. Meanwhile, the first place winner for the third weekend in a row was How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which added $27.10-million to its already hefty cume of $172.00-million. In 3rd place, 102 Dalmatians earned $8.30-million, for a total of $36.60-million; the film is lagging well behind its predecessor, which could put the franchise to an end. The 4th place winner was Rugrats in Paris, which took in another $6.51-million; this sequel is also lagging behind its progenitor, but with a gross $55.57-million so far, it's still one of the most successful animated features ever. Rounding out the Top Five was Charlie's Angels, which kicked its way to another $5.02-million, raising its total to $115.42-million.

The rest of the Top Ten had two other genre films. Arnold Schwarzenegger's The Sixth Day seems doomed not even to match the paltry earnings of his previous outing, End of Days. The science-fiction thriller earned only $4.01-million, and its total stands at $30.56-million. Another star shining not so brightly these days is Adam Sandler, whose Little Nicky is also not living up to previous blockbusters. The devilish comedy sold another $2.22-million worth of tickets, bringing its gross up to $26.75-million.

No other science fiction, horror, or fantasy films earned over $1-million at the box office this weekend, but a few others did find their way into the Top Twenty. In 14th place, Red Planet saw its orbit decay to $748-thousand; the total gross of only $16.69-million is hardly astronomical. In limited release at Imax theatres, CyberWorld was good enough for another $264-thousand; that put the film in the #18 slot, with a total of $3.22-million. And another devilish comedy, Bedazzled was at #19 with $240-thousand and a grand total of $36.73-million. (So far, the biggest devil movie of the year remains 1973's The Exorcist, which has earned $39.48-million in re-release; in 49th place, the revamped horror film added $25-thousand to its gross.)

Also worth of minor note: Sony Pictures re-issued Godzilla 2000 to approximately 375 second run theatres, where it earned another $102-thousand, pushing its U.S. total just past $10-million. This was supposedly the break-even point that would help determine whether the next Toho kaiju fest, Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus, would get a stateside theatrical release.

Here are the final figures for the weekend's box office. Included are the Top Ten films, plus any other genre titles to rank in the Top Sixty.

U.S. Box Office Finals 12/1 to 12/3/2000
1.How the Grinch Stole Christmas $27.10-million/$172.00-million
3.102 Dalmatians $8.30-million/$36.60-million
4.Rugrats in Paris$6.51-million/$55.57-million
5.Charlie's Angels$5.02-million/$115.42-million
7.Men of Honor$4.18-million/$41.21-million
8.The 6th Day$4.01-million/$30.56-million
9.Meet the Parents$3.82-million/$153.20-million
10.Little Nicky$2.22-million/$36.75-million
14.Red Planet$749-thousand/$16.69-million
23.What Lies Beneath$153-thousand/$155.02-million
26.Godzilla 2000$102-thousand/$10.01-million
28.The Cell$95-thousand/$61.19-million
29.Blair Witch 2$76-thousand/$26.31-million
36.The Nutty Professor 2$56-thousand/$123.18-million
37.Cirque du Soleil Journey of Man$56-thousand/$8.31-million
48.The Little Vampire$29-thousand/$13.56-million
49.The Exorcist$26-thousand/$39.38-million
53.Digimon: The Movie$20-thousand/$9.59-million
54.Dinosaur $17-thousand/$137.70-million
60.T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous$11-thousand/$35.37-million


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