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FARSCAPE 3rd Season Finale

Browder and Kemper talk about what will be happening in January.

By Frank Kurtz     September 10, 2001

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Series star Ben Browder and executive producer David Kemper are carefully talking about what lies ahead in the last four episodes of the third season of FARSCAPE.

While appearing at a FARSCAPE convention recently held in Burbank, CA, Browder spoke of the lats four but wouldn't give any real details of what lies ahead. However, he did say that the four episodes will be "huge in scale, from a practical standpoint of shooting it, and effects, and emotionally. It's big. It's really big."

He added, "There's a super-secret scene, which only three people know about... There's actually three storylines [from the season], which all come together in the end."

Meanwhile, David Kemper gave his take on what lies ahead, saying, "Everything that [fans] expect is wrong, and I'll be disappointed if people aren't upset, exhilarated, angry and completely befuddled. We have to get them to expect one thing, and then give them something else. So everything they think is going to happen doesn't, but yet it will happen... Lots of things will happen, but they'll happen so differently, that they'll feel different... Let's just say, themes that have been developed in the year will come together and pay off by the end of the year. All the clues are there."

As for the program's fourth season, Kemper says, "There's a story here that's unfolding for us, almost against everyone's will. It's happening on its own. That story will continue. The end of this season is simply, in terms of storytelling,... artificially imposed upon us by the network. The next story is the next story, no matter what happens."

The final four episodes will hit the SCIFI Channel in January 2002.


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