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FARSCAPE Chat Transcript: Gigi Edgley, Lani John Tupu & Wayne Pygram

    September 18, 2000

SteveVP Today we will be chatting with Gigi Edgley, Wayne Pygram, Lani John Tupu, three of the stars from the hit Sci-Fi Channel series FARSCAPE. Ms Edgley portrays Chiana in the show, an impetuous young thief. Mr Pygram has the role of Scorpius, a sadistic alien commander. Mr. Tupu provides the voice of Pilot and appears as Captain Bialar Crais. We're just getting them logged in now. We'll start as soon as the technical aspects have been taken care of.

Aleria Welcome Gigi!

hedonistlover [waves to Gigi]

666666 [waves to gigiedgley] 'Hola!'

SteveVP To begin with: Our guests are in town to attend a FARSCAPE convention, so I'd like to ask our guests how they are enjoying their visit to the United States?

gigiedgley [smirks, smiles] hey guys....thanks for having me..hehehheeee. am having a very surreal adventure. lov'n it

lanijohn I'm happy to be here in Los Angeles, especially Santa Monica!

gigiedgley Sorry guys we're too busy bounc'n off the walls to type.

waynepygram [smiles] Hello, great to be in town. The sun is shining on me!'end'

SteveVP Before throwing this open to questions from our browsers, I'd like to ask our guests about their convention appearance this weekend. Do they have any idea what to expect? Have they ever attended a FARSCAPE convention before? Are they looking forward to meeting their U.S. fans?

gigiedgley What convention??? Are we meant to be working over here. No can do man...having too much fun play'n. Hehehheee. Can't wait, counting down...holding my breath.

waynepygram Absolutley not. Have not watched Galaxy Quest! Like to be suprised.

lanijohn I cannot wait to be at the convention and to meet all you fans! I have no idea what to expect, so I guess I am in for a wonderful wild ride!!!

gigiedgley [Swirls herself around the room, dancing]

SteveVP Okay, now it's time to let our browsers have a chance. I'll try to group the questions according to topic, rather than the order they come in, so don't worry if you submit a question and it doesn't show up right away.

jaradma Hi Gigi, Wayne, & John. I hope your all having a good time at the convention. Are there any actors that you look up to?

gigiedgley like...all...of them.

lanijohn yes, al pacino, sean penn and patricia arquette to name a few...

gigiedgley I didn't realize how courageous one has to be to be in this business. Jackie Chan. Heheheee. Wanna do all my own stunts.
Julliet lewis. In the area of sci-fi Patrick Stewart is a hero!! And having grown up with Dr. Who, 'Power to All Darlek'.

heyladieswm Hi, Gigi *waves* I was wondering if you were getting any offers for big screen flicks that are going to be released in the US? If not, are you getting offers not in the US?

gigiedgley mostly B grade snuff. Hehehee. no just kidding. have been playing around with auditions. see what comes manifesting....visualizing a few little secrets in the pipeline. Hehehee.

kisea Mr. Tupu, thanks for chatting, how is it portraying both a the 'good' side (pilot) and the evil side (crais).

lanijohn schizophrenic [grins evilly] hello kisea and thank you for your question

heyladieswm Greetings, Mr Pygram! Just wanted to say that I'm honored to finally be in a chat with you :) And I have a question, when you got the offer to play the evil, cynical, and all-together cruel Scorpius how did you react? Did you feel like, 'Oh, this is just another role, nothing to worry about.' or 'This guy has a tube drilled into his forehead??'

waynepygram [smiles, blushes in embarrassment]

gigiedgley here..here

waynepygram The prospect in working in leather latex and crocadile has always appealed to me, the pain and the pleasure!! I love making people suffer. Playing Scorpius has been personally and professionally liberating.

scapephile Ms. Edgley, did you expect Chianna to turn into a permanent character?

gigiedgley not at all was blown away by the invitation. which didn't officially come until David Kemper and I were having a few laid back drinks at the wrap party. season one. he said 'you know that bullet that skimmed your arm...well that was meant to get you.' hehehee. I said 'is that an official invitation?' He said 'yeah...guess so.' Heheheee. [faints dead away]

jaradma Toasts to David Kemper for not offing Gigi

midwstwench Question for Lani--We've seen something of a transformation taking place in Crais---will this be explored more in future eps??

lanijohn at the end of season one, crais has a revelation with crichton which begins his journey of soul searching. at the end of the second season, crais is still a warrior, however, i think he is looking for 'satori' (enlightenment).

woodyct Wayne..what other shows/films have you been in?

waynepygram Farrwell to the King with Nick Nolte, the art house spectatular (joke), Return to Blue Lagoon with the russian princess Mila Jovovich. On TV Time Tracks, Mission Impossible, Lost World ...and a couple of movies of the week....

Aleria Gigi-actual question: What's with the grey body suit? I swore you were wearing body makeup in earlier eps?

gigiedgley sorry about the spelling guys...don't have anyone helping me...eeekkkk. what do you mean the costume? This is what I club in man. Hehehe. ok...Ill stop being cheeky now. yeah...there is a silver body suit....you can see my six pack if ya look close enough. Hehhehee. which is a similar color to the makeup. make-up from breasts up. ohhh that's a bit risqué. eh?

woodyct Gigi..how come you wear the same clothes every episode..that is when you are wearing clothes!

gigiedgley she's a little feral runaway so she hangs in the same gear for a few eps...what do ya think? Moya has a shopping mall in the second qudrent. Hehehee. no, there's some new cosis on the way. we were going to stick with the cosi in home of the remains...but it caused too much bruising didn't stand in the Chiana stance when it was being fitted. hehehe

tracicart Mr Tupu - Your fans over in the Farscape NG have been dying to know - what's your birthdate, and favorite ice cream flavor? (Look Vivianne - I'm asking your question, although I'm leaving out the part about his phone number)

lanijohn [grins evilly, laughs hysterically] old enough to play crais! and young enough to play pilot! chocolate mud is my fav flavor----it's chocolate ice cream with fudge swirl , bits of cherries and grand marnier

gigiedgley [licks her/his lips, faints dead away]

Aleria Wayne, I note a makeup change in Scorpy. He seems to have gone from waxy/cadaver to shining silvery. Any reasons for this?

waynepygram Well spottedyou're absolutley correct!

gigiedgley he's been hanging with chi too long...behind the scenes. Hehehe.

waynepygram Dave, my inventor, is constantly fine tuning the make up for comfort and for screen impact.

jaradma Mr Pygram I was wondering how long does it take to put your makeup on? Also what is that tube that is drilled in your head supposed to be?

waynepygram About two hours, but after much practice 1 1/5 minutes. Scarrans have a thermostat. They heat up. [screams loudly] The rod is in affect a cooling system that must be replaced when it has passed its used by date. Also, we scorpi getts the shits, he gets hotttt.

tracicart Gigi - any theatre plans for the break?

gigiedgley got any offers...anyone...anyone... bueller... hehehe...I'd love to get back into theatre...that's where my passion initially lied..what got me into it all....cause there's no second takes....you have to live within the moment within theatre....feed off the audiences vibe. it's an edible kinda thang telling stories that once lived within peoples imaginations.

Aleria Lani, I see Crais not as a bad guy, but conflicted... disillusioned (not to get too psychiatric! ;-). Can you give us your thoughts on how you approach him?

lanijohn when I was offered crais I decided early on to not make him one dimensional. I wanted to make him complex and I guess it is working. I like to find flaws when I am working on characters and the beauty of bad guys is to find some quality in there that balances the dark side. This goes for playing so called 'good guys' as well...

tracicart Mr Pygram, thanks for taking time from the convention to chat with us. There's very little info on the web about your theatre background - would you mind telling us a bit about it?

waynepygram Yes. I've done about 45 professional productions ranging from Arthur Miller to Shakespeare. Haven't done a stage play for three years. As film and TV has dominated my career. I have great affection for the theater. It was my training.

gigiedgley ooohhh... hehehehhehe.

waynepygram Lucky enough to have worked with Lauren Becall on a Harold Pinter production of Sweet Bird of Youth. Oh such a bloody name dropper.

gigiedgley [slaps herself awake]

waynepygram [snorts derisively]

gigiedgley [ducks out of the way]

waynepygram My theater experience is definably coloring my performance as Scorpius. He is Richard the Third.

gigiedgley [ducks out of the way]

waynepygram [chuckles in amusement]

midwstwench For any or all of the guests: What's been the most challenging aspect of doing the show?

gigiedgley Working with Lani and Wayne. hehehhehe

SteveVP [laughs hysterically]

waynepygram Getting the glue off my face!

lanijohn Making the early morning pick up call!!!!

gigiedgley The hours of sleep...or lack there of.

lanijohn [laughs hysterically]

gigiedgley I get scared I don't justify emotional journeys when having little sleep and shooting a few eps at the same time all gets a little dizzy after a while but would never give it up for anything. [hiccups] That's that vodka I had for breaky. Hehehehe. chuckles in amusement. Make sure you come Sunday guys cause scorp and crais are lock'n me in the cupbourd till Sunday.

gigiedgley [begs like a dog, gives everyone a big hug, screams loudly, blushes in embarrassment]

chianalover Gigi ..did you have any idea how popular your character has become here in the states?

gigiedgley When I went to San Diego...it was the first impression I got from you guys...and a dam good one at that.

ripclaw this goes to all of you: have you been expecting that your show becomes such a great success? I mean, it really rules!

waynepygram The show is very stimulating for cast, crew and all involved with production.

gigiedgley it's hard to get a grasp of the support and enthusiasm you guys have...cause in Australia...it's only shown three or four eps.

waynepygram So one always hopes that this is translated to the audience.

gigiedgley so Lanis getting all the flowers and the gals fainting at his door. Hehehee.

waynepygram But there is a sense of isolation working in Australia.

lanijohn well, no actually. we had no idea where it would go or how it would be received. we knew that we were working on something very special and unique. the response from you all has been truly amazing and the proof of it will be tomorrow at the convention... we have been working in a vacuum in Australia, so to be here is a real blast!!!

waynepygram That's why conventions and chats are great moral boosters. In this business there are never any guarantees.

gigiedgley yeah...we still wake up feeli'n lonely and looki'n not so good.

waynepygramThe shows only as good as its audience.

gigiedgley oopsss I should speak for myself. sorry boys. hehehee

lanijohn thanks gigi! [laughs hysterically]

PetterBoo Gigi, what episode was your favorite to work on?

gigiedgley ep 15....because I think... I got the script more than two days in advance. Hehehee. And I also got to get grabbed by the crouch and tossed over Chritons head...that's always a fav moment. Family ties was cool too. Nice raw emotions.... from all the cast...
I think cause we knew it was the last chance we were going to get before the break.

tsaraber Gigi, how much like Chiana are you in real life?

gigiedgley I think chi found me before I found her... in this one. I didn't have too many hesitations about where I was going with the character.

Aleria For anyone: Has anything come down on season 3 yet? Any early teasers you can toss us?

lanijohn Now I have TWO bodyguards! [laughs hysterically]

gigiedgley There are some thigh-slappers coming up. [heheheh]

lanijohn You can expect some surprises in the (third) season. Crais has been teaching talyn the art of war and strategy.

gigiedgley The peacekeeper stole my baby. Hehehe. From the midwife.

Kisea Mr. Pygram, you play an excellent part, we hear a lot about the other characters makeup, how long does it take for you to get into wardrobe and how much of your own self do you put into Scorpius??

waynepygram Too much. It is called the kitchen sink syndrome. An actor always draws on their own personal experiences. But ultimately a characterization is only as great as ones imagination. Farscape gives us all a very big and colorful sand pit to play in.

Aleria Hey, Gigi, a fan wrote fic that put Chiana in a mall shopping - if it were true, what would she buy ;-)

gigiedgley I think this bit should be censored...mmmm... wings... if it were anything in the world...to fly me to my greatest dreams and beyond...hehehe... cliché enough for ya. [blushes in embarrassment] All of you guys big warm fuzzies and thanks...and lotsa faerie giggles.

waynepygramWayne applauds his space cadet sister.

lanijohn Thank you, I am touched... in the head! oops, I can't get through the doorway!

SteveVP We're almost out of time, so I'll submit one or two more of the many questions before we wrap things up.

qwertyuiop Gigi, Lani or Wayne, what will your characters get up to in the future, and what would you like them to (hee - evil snigger)

gigiedgleychiana having a rampid threesome with her two favorite villans. Yeah... and play and live up to your expectations. We hope.

waynepygram Can you imagine Scorpius sitting by the fire with a good port in his smoking jacket. Series three should give us all an opportunity to expand and surprise.

lanijohn Hint----follow the yellow brick road..... [grins evilly]

Aleria To any of our esteemed guests: Describe the scene around you right now?

gigiedgley Where do we start? you know that question about the ice cream. hehehehhee

lanijohn Chaos, color and FUN!!!!

gigiedgley Well that and naked kids at play. Hiccups... and lotsa blushing if we could only get out of the gikuzi... Jacuzzi... oops... few too many vodkas. Getting closer... I'm being advised.... and Farscape time ... soon. A bit scared about this ep. tonight.

waynepygram The toy factory. One only needs to supply power, if only the walls could talk!! It's approaching the magical time of day, called happy hour!!

gigiedgley I'm not actually going to be attending the con...I'm sending in the body double...you guys will never know. Hehehehee. I'll be sitting by the pool having daiquiris.... no to be serious for a moment...ha.... you may get a little shock when you see the gal under the make up. Ever wonder why it takes three and a half hours???

SteveVPThat's it! We'd like to thank our guest for spending so much time with us and for answering all our questions. And we'd like to thank all of you for attending this chat. Any last comments?

gigiedgley Thank-you endlessly guys for being so awesome.... supportive....just all in all groovy way-out funksters... bows gracefully. [Blushes in embarrassment]

waynepygram Thanks for the support. We'll chat again.

gigiedgley [gives everyone a big hug]

lanijohn thank you for taking the time to chat with us and i look forward to meeting you in the flesh tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.....

waynepygramScorpius lives for the lives of his disciples.

lanijohn 'Deeper into the uncharted territories where the debris is... densest.' ROCK ON!!!! BYE!!!!

SteveVP Thanks to all of our browsers for their numerous, enthusiastic questions. Sorry we couldn't get to all of them, but hopefully some of you will be able to attend the convention and meet the FARSCAPE stars in person. Goodnight, everybody!


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